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Juxtacure. Hosiery

Both my legs are ulcerated. Have had to lots of compression. Bandages. Applied but unfortunately. Was not successfully kept rolling down and made my. Legs more swollen at. The moment both legs are in bandages very uncomfortable and itchy. I am waiting for juxtacure hosiery to be fitted just wonderd. If anyone out there have used these and had simula problems is there anything what would help with itching my legs are weeping quite bad I am seeing nurse again on Monday

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Yorkie 369 I must admit I had not heard of Juxta CURES before, so I looked them up. This was some info I found on the internet if it is helpful. This link was the most helpful I could find to explain what they were and how to manage them. Hope this link is helpful.

Best wishes



Thank you for your reply I clicked on the link and did find it very helpfull




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