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Honest Benefit Claim & Fine Given -- warning

I recently had my Incapacity Benefit moved over to Employment Support Assistance. So when I went to the dentist he asked if on Benefits and I told him about the transfer produced the evidence that I was on ESA which they had sent me. Signed the form "in good faith" to say I was not giving false information. A couple of months latter received a letter asking me to send proof, which I did. Then probably 6 weeks latter received a letter claiming the charges of £46.00 for check up etc.. and £100.00 Fine for falsely claiming! I phoned them and found out there are two types of ESA one is INCOME BASED (do not pay dental charges or eye check up glasses etc) and there is another ESA which is NOT INCOME BASED ( which is the one I was on) but it does not clearly state on the ESA Benefit letter!

I therefore was advised to pay the whole amount £146.00 ( fine is 5 times the amount of bill so if my dental work was £100 the fine would be £500!) I paid on a credit card and then wrote to NHS Dental and explained the honest error which they appreciated and refunded my fine.

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That happened to me when on contributions base of esa.I pleaded ignorance and wrote a letter saying as much ,I didn't know like yourself.I payed 49 quid for filling and got a letter saying that I didn't have to pay.Another way of hitting the vunerable and less well off.There was no way I was going to pay the fine full stop .!!


That must have been a pretty nasty shock for both of you. Glad you got it sorted.

A little late in the day for both of you, but for others who may be on benefits there's lots of information on the V-UK website "government benefits" under:

In particular the two types of ESA are described under:

I recently updated the benefits pages from the government website so, hopefully, the details are up-to-date.

All the details are not included but there are links to the relevant government benefits site which do give full details.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Pat "yes" I should have looked it up but when it is in black and white in front of you didm not think twice and gave it to the dentist which agreed it!? any how I just thought I would put it on incase someone else makes the error and am relieved!


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