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Arterial disease

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? Docs don't know what caused it, could be underlying gpa, the drugs I take or that steroids have made me diabetic. The condition is too bad to be treated with angioplasty so next option is surgery which is life threatening. Would be grateful for anyone's personal experiences of the condition and how they treat it.

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What sort of arterial disease? That is too general information.

Steroids can cause as well as be used to treat arterial diseases: for example giant cell arteritis is a vasculitis which causes inflammation in arteries. Having GCA puts patients at an increased risk of developing aneurysms later, usually in the thoracic or abdominal arteries. Prolonged use of pred can also increase the risk of aneurysms. That is just one example though.


Hi, it's peripheral arterial disease which is causing claudication. Latest scans have shown that calcification is present from the groin area up into my lower abdomen.


Hmm - that used to be my husband's field, the diagnostics not the treatment I hasten to add. What are they intending doing? I assume they mean bypass/revascularisation using a vein or artificial material - and that is usually regarded as a relatively safe form of open surgery. Open surgery is always associated with some risk - but I'm a bit surprised you are being told it is life threatening.

Have you already been seen by an experienced vascular surgeon? They are the people to tell you the whys and wherefores.

Wishing you all the best.


Hi DevonLottie,

Sorry to hear you are facing major surgery. Is the operation proposed an Aortic Bifurcation Graft? They have made great leaps recently in vascular surgery using minimally invasive techniques which lead to a much reduced recovery time.

I haven't any personal experience but I would be inclined to ask for a referral to a vascular surgeon who has experience of operating on patients with vasculitis. As PMR Pro says no operation or procedure are risk free. I would arm yourself with as much information as you can and choose your surgeon very carefully.

Best wishes


Ps ask about an endovascular approach if having surgery.


I agree, we've decided to use exercise to try to open up other veins for the blood to flow. If that fails then we will certainly be looking for the best surgeon to perform the operation.


A friend of ours has just had ABG done at the John Radcliffe ( he has Arterial disease)he is 81yrs, with no problem at all , in on Friday out on Weds,and now getting about very well, it seems to be quite " common " now and straight forward,( although guide lines say you need to be aware of " it could be life threatening" along with all the other things that could happen ) Even do the op on 90yr youngsters !! My point being, these elderley people no doubt have other health issues, but seem to do very well,all things are taken into account and no unnecessary risk would be taken, so I feel sure if you do need surgery ,you would be in very good hands,Very best wishes to you,


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