What is the best method if one is to have an attack in public that renders one unconscious for a passer by to assist or act quickly to help

I have look at a few options an I have my doctors 24 hour number in my wallet but my wind pipe has the ability to completely close and suffocation occurs when my body goes limp I come around , but still it's only one of what can happen to us , thus any thoughts on a passer by to act or something obvious to save or help us or ring or know where to look to ring

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  • I understand there is some 'Jewellery' out there -can't remember name just now - there is even a watch I think that has a medical symbol which is engraved with brief explanation - like ' diabetic' or whatever - and alert that there is a written advice card or note on your person. There are the branded products but I suppose we could do our own thing too.

  • There is a charity service called MedicAlert which supplies "jewelry" engraved with info:


    I would hope that if it happened a passerby might call 999 - and the paramedics would find a bracelet in particular immediately when looking for a pulse. This has a phone number to call to the call centre where they hold full details of your conditions, medications and contacts. It works from all over the world.

  • I have been wearing a medic alert bracelet since being dependent on Prednisone 10+ years now. There is a company that custom makes not only these bracelets, but also neckchains, ankle bracelets, even keyrings at all different pricepoints and materials.... at LaurensHope.com. I am not affiliated, although I can say their merchandise is quite nice quality and has held up well for me. Anyone on long term prednisone especially should have "something" that could speak for them in case of emergency or an accident, since that is when it's crucial to receive extra prednisone asap to prevent shock.

  • Is there anything that we could have on a key ring or card that particularly says 'I have vasculitis and need x,y,v meds' ? If I was involved in an accident ( god forbid) no one would know I need particular meds - worrying thought really

  • That is the point of the Medicalert system - a key ring or card could be separated from you, the bracelets are on a pulse point and a paramedic would find them immediately. There is also the ICE (In Case of Emergency) system of having and ICE no on your mobile phone.

  • Both my wife ( Cardio & AF) and myself ( Vasculitis) both carry cards outlining our respective medical conditions and list of meds and dosage on them. The reverse carries next of kin contact details. These are self made business card size and are laminated. We have carried them for several years and have found them very useful if seeing a medical clinician while travelling abroad.

  • I've got a Utag dogtag set. One has my name, condition, next of kin, N.O.K. phone number engraved on it, and the other is a USB stick with all of my details laid out in an easy to read way.

    It's got options to automatically translate to certain other languages (really helpful when I was rushed to hospital in France!), my GP details, all medications and doses, allergies, blood group and personal details, including a photo of me. Mine was given to me as a present, but they can be bought here:


  • Dear Scipper25,

    I agree completely, with all the advice given above, so please do purchase a 'sos talisman', 'medic alert', or any of the other similar product available. Additionally keep on your person, in a place that 'must' be searched; wallet, phone, jacket pocket, and so on, ALL the relevant information regarding your diagnosis/drugs/current treatment plan(s). Make sure that this information is regularly updated, to take into account changes in medication, and so on.

    By the way when I first collapsed, with little or no previous warning, someone took me to hospital where passing doctor recognised my symptoms. Luck? Or is 'someone/thing' looking after me?

    Anyway take care of yourself, hope stay 'well'!

    Best wishes AndrewT

  • As I've put above:

    The point of the Medicalert system is that a key ring or card could be separated from you, the bracelets are on a pulse point and a paramedic would find them immediately. There is also the ICE (In Case of Emergency) system of having and ICE no on your mobile phone. The emergency services do often look for that - but like a key ring or card your phone could be anywhere and not necessarily on your body. And as the mother of a paramedic - a single crew attending an accident doesn't have time to search for that - the bracelet especially is there at one of the first places they touch you

  • that's fantastic advice and am now on to the website now to order a bracelet - something i've been meaning to do put put off. This is why this site is so great it has such great advice and lovely people who are happy to help and give up their time to reply to posts. Thankyou all

  • Thank you everyone for your comments , I will follow it up pronto here is Australia

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