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Was retested due to positive p-anca result. Consultant requested my health centre retest after 3 months . Went, done the bloods, rang for result today to be told not done due to technical issues! Eh? What? Complained to practice manager so doctor will ring me tomorrow. Said they would let consultant know there was technical issues and to leave it with consultant should he wish to retest. Feedback anyone. Looks like I will have to pay privately as not possible on NHS!

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  • They do seem to have a problem with P-ANCA blood tests. Apparently they batch them up to save money, as relatively few are done. I've heard that one of mine was 'off' by the time it was tested, which made the result void. Maybe it was left out of the fridge? I'm awaiting a result now and it's late, so I hope the same thing hasn't happened again.

  • If there was a technical issue you need to find out what it was. If it was a case that the blood sample wasn't collected or kept properly - then the agency who made the error should be made responsible. It's one thing where it was a blood sample was left out of the fridge or the wrong bottle was used and it was for a day-to-day test. Doing that with a specialised test is an entirely different matter. The person taking the blood MUST clarify what is required and how it is to be taken.

  • I too have great problems getting results back. I have bloods done monthly at the GP's but because the P-anca test is sent to Manchester, the results take up to 8 weeks to get back - after phones call! Not a good system at all.

  • grrrr. my plasmatherisis was postponed due to my blood test being delayed. I missed a whole set of treatment. My blood tests are sent to Coventry. I do hope you get it sorted soon. You can always get hold of PALS. Good luck.

  • It's absolute nonsense to pay privately for the test you need and have a right to. Please don't do it as it gives power to those who want to privatise our health service! Just make every complain, noise and nuisance you can (PALS, local paper, M.P., etc). If you're still not satisfied with your treatment, change hospitals. Addenbrookes in Cambridge has a specialist Vasculitis and Lupus clinic which you can ask to be referred to or if your own medical team are reluctant then make a direct application to see Dr David Jayne, who is one of the world's leading experts in the field. Healthy wishes.

  • Still waiting on response from local health centre. What is PALS? Hubby says we should go to local MP if no satisfactory answer. Thanks for reply.

  • Hi with MPA,

    I live in the lake district

    Since 2007 I have had my bloods taken at Preston hospital, different computer systems to the one at my Doc`s surgery was the cause & that could be your technical issue,

    Last year this was sorted, BUT for the first 6 months they could not do the P- Anca test, as they did not have the right coloured container that signified P-Anca, So for 6 months I had to return to your consultants hospital, which might be your solution.

    Best of luck Tony

  • PALS is the patient advice and liaison service. They will deal with your complaint. Every hospital trust should have one. Have a look how to contact them on the hospital website. I hope you get this sorted no way should you have to pay out of your own pocket.

  • Thank you for your help

  • I'm assuming your consultant gave you the blood test forms with his written requirements on them? I get mine this way and either the visiting phlebotomist takes blood following my arranged surgery appointment or, if I think necessary, I travel to hospital which has a department specifically to take bloods. I use the latter usually when a surgery appointment is too late or doesn't meet with my next hospital appointment or perhaps a situation arises and I have to put the date forward/back. Luckily my surgery seems to be a model of efficiency. There certainly is a case for you to complain, otherwise your surgery will not review their procedures and just keep making similar errors to the detriment of all their patients needing blood tests. It's also worth checking on which days your surgery sends blood samples (batch despatch days) to hospital and then make sure your bloods are taken the day before. For peace of mind, follow up with a phone call to check they have been sent, if only to ensure the surgery sends them to hospital in time for your appointment with the consultant. As we are often reminded few medical staff, least of all receptionists, have never heard of vasculitis and therefore the potential life threatening implications when regular blood tests are delayed. Hopefully your GP and surgery staff have access to an up-to-date Vasculitis Route Map.

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