Did anything good happen to you this week?

I have had a really good week. I had my first dose of rituximab and reduced my preds by 5mg without any adverse effects. My daughter took her first steps and is now toddling beautifully. My garden has sprung into life and the bulbs I planted in December are in full bloom, like a metaphor to my health...

Please feel free to share your own good stuff :)

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  • Brilliant! LOVE to hear good news for once! My son does a similar thing with my two little granddaughters every evening at the dinner table, e.g. "What was the best thing that happened to you today" and also "what was the worst thing etc...." It's amazing what they see as the "best" or the "worst" thing! Sometimes hilarious too!

    My best thing today? The gorgeous sunny Spring sunshine here (Berkshire) it SO lifts your mood.

    My worst thing? Giving in to temptation and scoffing a couple of treat size choccy bars! :-0

    (Btw FatFaceBob, I too am on 5 mg Pred now. Hope you're feeling ok on it!)

  • Thanks BB, I'm down to 25mg which is good going. Two treatsize bars is nothing...if only chocolate was the cure :)

  • We have strong interest in someone buying our pub so fingers crossed and we can retire for the third time. Husband has WG and wants to walk the dog every day on a beach - hopes to lose weight & reduce the steroids. And the sun's shining, that's got to make everyone happier.

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you... :)

  • same here ive got WG had pretty good 2 weeks and walked 4 times in last 2 weeks, i agree it the sun shine makes me feel good and positive :-) my aim is to lost weight and hoping to come off pred in april after my last cyclo then start on aza medication x

  • I too have managed to get out for a couple of walks...better than any drugs huh?

    good luck with those goals, mine are very similar.

  • Am back at work on phased return and have managed to reduce pred to 9mg. These illnesses can help you find happiness in the smallest things!

  • So your daughter took her first steps! What a milestone. Is she your first? My first took his first steps at 9 months. My second son decided looking between his legs upside down was more interesting than walking. My daughter swung from the kitchen table until she was sixteen months old. Ha! I'm glad you are feeling well. Blessings!!

  • Hi, this is my 2nd baby. She's 12 mths old and is certainly a big distraction to the other stuff going on...I'm very lucky! I hope you're feeling well too :-)

  • We enjoyed a lovely walk today in the sunshine, and went out for a meal this evening. :-) John was diagnosed with WG (GPA) 13 years ago this next month. The whole family thought we would lose him...... :-( BUT we now have two grandchildren, aged 3 and 5 and help out with child care, which we love, we have holidays in France very year too and we "work" almost full time helping and supporting others who have also just been diagnosed with Vasculitis. Who said retirement would be boring ;-)

  • The sunshine does make a huge difference...life seems easier! And thanks to you and John for not being boring retirees and all your support! :-)

  • I have dedicated my efforts in being patient and determined to lose the weight the predisnolone has shared with me....had a workout 5x this week.

    Sun has definitely cheered me up...I even was able to bring out a dress to wear in excitement!

    There's aalways light at the end of tunnel....positive affirmation all the way.


  • Good on you! I really want to get back to working out very soon and lose some weight too...best of luck!

  • What a lovely thread ! I am full of anxiety and dread right now awaiting diagnosis and wondering where this will go for me - especially when reading about all the difficult symptoms and treatments so many of you deal with- but I can't help but be uplifted by the positive thoughts so many of you share too! Thankyou! The good that happened to me this week was interacting with members of Vasculitis UK- oh and I'm on annual leave from work - and celebrated my 31 st wedding anniversary!!! ( although my hubby had nasty complex double tooth extraction that day so we had to postpone the special dinner for bit!).

  • I hope everything goes ok for you and you get the answers you need, best wishes :-)

  • Hasn't the sun made a difference? And I agree with you that there are lots if small things that make us smile. Mine were - having a hot chocolate break in the garden with my grandchildren among the daffodils and taking the dog for a walk for the first time in weeks.

    Hope the rituximab starts to improve everything for you soon.

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