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update after visit to renal

the meds I was on for my BP have been changed to a single tablet so maybe I will rattle a little less!!!

I am waiting to have an MRI scan as the scan I had didn't show enough detail, and the bloods show some issues with my kidneys.

I have vasculitis in the blood supply to both kidneys and the doctor says that there are two options after the MRI one is meds and the other is that they may fit stents to keep the blood vessels open.

Back to Renal next Wednesday and eye clinic Friday joy two trips to Sunderland!!!

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all the best but I am sure you will be okey I go to renal every 4 months I have vasulitis in mine only the one but they are pleased how it is going so I am gunning 4 u


Hi, Hope you get sorted, I also go to Sunderland Renal dept and have found them to be really good. I have just been for a top up of Retuximab and i see the Nephralogist every 4 to 6 weeks, I was diagnosed in 2009.


I have to agree Sunderland royal is good and the staff are brilliant always helpful and nothing is too much trouble even the daftest questions!

I am at Sunderland eye infirmary for the vasculitis in my eyes and again the staff are fantastic


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