David Cameron's hairdresser awarded MBE

Can you believe this? I don't usually comment on things political but when I see how hard people work unpaid for charities throughout the UK, especially the trustees of VUK, who all have Vasculitis themselves, and then I read this!!! and apparently this hairdresser charges £90 a cut for men and £150 a cut for women it made my blood boil this morning!! Not only that some people who have Vasculitis are having their benefits cut when they are obviously unfit to work, and have barely £90 a week to live on!!!

sorry, but I had to say something.



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  • I think it is disgusting too - but I also think the automatic handing out of OBEs etc to civil servants at retirement is equally disgusting. A family member was a high up CS, was an ombudsman for a while with jollies for "meetings" all over Europe where they were always accompanied by the wives. His pension is almost certainly more than my husband earned at the top of his career in the NHS (and believe me he was paid fairly well). He did the job he was employed to do, he got a very good salary and now a very good pension. My husband and his colleagues did the job they were employed to do, got a reasonable salary and a reasonable pension. The difference? I can't see one personally except our pension is a quarter of his. And no OBE (not that I care, royal garden parties are very overrated ;-) ). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • i quite agree I am in the process trying to get benifits

  • They only comment I can put which would be acceptable is : there is something very wrong in our country at the moment :-(

  • Life IS unfair. Very, at times. I'm sure all of us with Vasculitis would agree. But one thing that I have learnt from my time as a "Churgy" is to not "sweat the small stuff".

    People who do things for others, for the right reasons, don't need recognition or indeed want it.

  • You are so right Berkshire Bird about people who do things for others, do not need or want recognition, I am sure there are many more people who help and support others do it all very anonymously too.

    Sometimes I do wonder if any politician, whatever colour they represent, are in touch with ordinary people, only this last two weeks we have been contacted by people who have Vasculitis and are obviously unable to work, have their benefits stopped with just 2 weeks notice while the DWP carry out a reassessment, these reassessments can take up to 6 months to be completed. These people, then have less than £90 a week to live on, some people who have contacted us have lost their homes, their marriages have collapsed under the stress, one guy was self employed, he lost everything his job and his house, young people who have managed to live independately have had to return home, one guy slept on a friends sofa for a few months and some have borrowed money from their family just to get by. 70% of all benefit appeals from people who have Vasculitis are upheld, so these 70% go through so much unnecessary stress and anxiety! whilst having to cope with their illness too. Even some people who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer are having to go through the same reassessments. I just find it so sad and lacking in empathy towards people who suffer with a chronic illness through no fault of their own.


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