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Rash on right arm

In the last few days I've acquired a rash on my right arm....this is normally my 'better' arm! I've also got pain in my arm and elbow that is quite different from the claudication pain that I'm used to. The rash goes from my wrist to the top of my arm in blotches that are about the size of a 50p piece. There's an outer light ring and a harder, redder centre to each blotch. It's not particularly itchy. GP has given me an anti-fungal cream but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. I've also been taking anti-histamine as I was on antibiotics last week for a UTI, so my first thought was that it was a reaction to them. My next rituximab isn't due until early Feb and I'm on 6mg of steroid.

I'd be grateful for any ideas!

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As long as the anti-fungal cream doesn't make it worse (which it can depending on the cause)! Did the GP say what he thought it was? If he can't give a proper answer and the antifungal doesn't work you need to see either your rheumy or a dermatologist for a proper identification.


Thank you... GP really had no idea, but thought it worth trying the anti fungal cream. In fact the general 'soreness' of the arm is more of a problem as it's getting quite hard to use it. I've a clinic appointment next week so will wait till then; don't think it's worth trying the GP again.


Hi BronteM,

I recently had a fungal infection on my back, I had blotches which were darker in the centre and lighter around the edges they itched intermittently, the largest were about 2 inches in diameter. I saw my local surgery's dermatologist as my own GP didn't know if it was vasculitis or a fungal infection and wanted to make sure. I was given some antifungal cream and it took about a week for a noticeable improvement. IF it is a fungal infection then you should use the cream for 2 weeks after the infection seems to have cleared as it can be difficult to clear and can reoccur.

Luckily I did as instructed and fingers crossed it hasn't come back.

My advice would be to continue with the cream but if in doubt see a dermatologist or your rheumatologist.

All the best,



Thank you for the advice. I'm actually trying an antibiotic cream at the moment, but do have a bad habit of stopping things immediately I think they've worked! I'm most comfortable if I use the anti-itch E45 when I go bed. Hope I'll be able to see a dermatologist when I go to the clinic.


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