VITAL Magazine ( for all the Dental Team)

VITAL Magazine ( for all the Dental Team)

It was a great privilege to be invited by the editor of VITAL Magazine ( for all the dental team) to write an article about oral manifestations of Vasculitis & the side effects of some of the drugs.

This magazine is for dental professionals and is distributed to over 20,000 dentists and their teams throughout the UK. The magazine/article is published this week and should be available on line the following week. We are hoping to ask permission to have the article available on the website very soon too.


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  • Great news John, if the article could be made available on the website even better - I know my dentist knows absolutely nothing about vasculitis and asks lots of questions from me when I see him, but it is all relatively new to me so I don't know the answers.

    Hopefully he gets this magazine!

  • Vital Magazine now have the copyright of the article as published, so oddly, we will have to ask their permission to post it on the website.

  • That is good news....I seem to remember some time ago, that you thought dentists might be on more on the ball than GPs? My dentist is being very good and careful - but then he has an autoimmune problem himself, so is probably more aware than many. He'd never heard of rituximab though!

  • The way things are going with NICE, he might not need to know about Rituximab :O(

  • I will look forward to reading this & adding it to my CPD hours reading for getting back to work soon, I hope!

  • It is on line now roobarb

    Best wishes


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