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Bringing up small amount of blood, should i inform the specialist?

Every few weeks, in the.middle of the night, i suddenly feel like my throat has filled up, and when i get to the bathroom, i keep having to spit bloody saliva. It makes me cough, and feels raw at the back of my throat, plus my chest is uncomfortable, especially the centre, where its tender to the touch. The first time this happened i was admitted into hospital, but cameras saw nothing, but that was before my vasculitis dx. It hasn't happened since ive been on the pred and immune suppresant, but im now tapering my pred, so could it be a response/flare up??

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Yes, it could well be, unless you have had something else that could explain the repeated episodes of bloody saliva? I would advise ringing your vasculitis specialist asap (usually through his secretary) and tell him exactly what you are experiencing. He will probably want to see you pretty quickly to arrange further tests.

Which form of vasculitis do you have?



Hi Ayla, i have ANCA Associated Vasculitis. The specialist organised a CT scan of my chest and sinuses, but the results weren't available at my last appt. Two weeks ago, i had a flu like illness, and a full blood count was taken by my gp, but because my white blood cells were behaving, he said he wasn't over concerned. He did give me the option to go into hospital though, but because i have a nine year old child, i refused. Have felt really wiped out since.....


sounds very familiar to me last year

constant chest infections

coughing up small amounts of blood

very tired

was back and forward the hospital,chest x rays,scans,camera down

turned out the immunosuppressant I was on ,which was cellcept had loweres my white blood cells to a dangerous level

changed It to aza and I was fine

hope this helps


Thanks for your answer quinnster. Am on aza already, the gp have arranged for monthly blood counts, so are keeping an eye on my white blood count. Never know what's significant enough to report to the specialist.


Yes. After years of telling our family to 'man up' we are struggling to change the mind set of our son and ourselves - we have been told by all the consultants dealing with us that any changes contact them 20 wasted calls is preferable to the start of a relapse etc. We ignored telling consultant re nose bleed - not happy. Also hard when son says well its only pink not red like it used to be :)


Will def contact the specialist today, thanks.


Hi I too have Anca Assoc Vascuititis.I had similar problem a few years ago.I was coughing up a small amount of blood but this got worse over a few days.The bleed was from my lungs.I was hospitalized and required pretty intensive treatment.Dont wish to scare you but I would strongly suggest you contact your consultant and let her/him decide.Hope all goes well Joe


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