We are looking for your help please. Do you speak French, German or Spanish?

Vasculitis UK are looking for people who are fluent in other European foreign languages to help with translating Vasculitis UK correspondence and other documents from English into a foreign language and vice-versa. it really needs someone for each language, French, German and Spanish, these will not be particularly technical or medical documents and it will only be an occasional commitment. If you feel you can help please contact Susan Mills. susan@vasculitis.org.uk Thank you

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  • I have a German friend who used to do transations for industry and has done for me too. Now retired but I will ask if she would be interested. Will it be purely voluntary?


  • Yes it will be voluntary if that is ok Derek? and thank you :-)

  • Ok, I shall ask Ingrid if she would like to help.

    Not only but also, my grandson Jordan is learning Spanish and is having a gap year in Chile from August this year. He will be teaching English in a school there and no doubt be fluent in Spanish this time in 2014. He will be studying Spanish at Nottingham University on his return and if time permits would like to help.

  • As an afterthought, should the need arise I have very good Sikh friends in Nottingham.

  • My husband Fred, who has been recently diagnosed with WG is half german and speaks the language fluently. We lived in Germany for many years. He is also willing to help you with translations

  • Brilliant , thank you :-)

  • I spoke to 3 people today, who may contact susan via facebook.


  • I will look out for the contacts Sandra thank you :-)

  • Thank you for all your replies ... I have shared this with John that's if you don't mind.. :-)

  • Dear Susan,

    I have just come across your post, regarding translating for Vasculitis UK.

    I am a BA German Studies student in my final year at the University of Birmingham. I am fluent in German, and take Translation Studies as one of my modules. I enjoy translating in both directions (German to English and vice versa). If the opportunity is still there, I would be very much willing to translate on a voluntary basis. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, If you are still looking for a volunteer to translate your correspondence/documents from English into Spanish (or vice versa), I'd be happy to help.

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