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WWW final preparations

Tonight I'll give my marshals their hi-vis vests, instructions and a boot load of water to bring along, so it's now time to get this drug and vasculitis body into some order.

I'll be completely honest; I'm going to find this a real struggle. I've done no exercise since April due to a partial tear of my Achilles and tendonitis, and my PAN seems to be stirring with growing paralysis in my limbs, night sweats, and joint aches returning, and the spectre of more cyclophosphamide cycles looming. But having coming this far, I'm not quitting now...

So, time to prepare the body, and that does not mean waxing, vaseline and talc, as others have suggested. For the average person, the walk will demand around 6,000 calories, and for bigger units like me, nearer 8,000 calories. This is a huge demand on the bodies resources, which will result on the day in a weight loss of 7-10 lbs. To prepare for this demand, I'm now chainging my diet for the enxt few days to massively increase the carbohydrate intake to "load up" energy for the day. Tomorrow I will also up my water intake to 6 litres for the day, and take diarolyte salts to balance the electrolytes (which is great measure to prevent cramp). Finally, as much sleep as possible will help, despite needing at be up at 04:00 on Saturday.

The weather forecast remains settled now for the event; a warmish start to walk with temperatures around 14c with variable cloud burning back during the day to end in beautiful unbroken susnhine, with the temperature reaching 21c locally with light breezes throughout the day. With a UV index on the day of 7, I'd recommend anyone attending pops on the old sunscreen, especially if you are on some of the drugs we need to take everyday.

I feel like I'm now descending into a clam and quiet place as I get my head together to do this; I wonder how much of the battle will be mental and how much will physical; only Saturday can reveal that.

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Hi Martyn

Thanks for the update. I think you must be exhausted with all the preparation - not just your own physical preparation but all the pre-walk "admin".

I think I'd be sick and bloated if I took on that many calories.

Please remember though, we don't want or expect you to keep going at all costs. Your health is much too precious for that. Nothing is worth major injury and risking bringing back the dreaded relapse. You will have done more than enough for raising awareness of vasculitis by arranging the walk and the radio and newspaper interviews etc. Take great care and enjoy.



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