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I have read on some sites that the anthrax vaccination can cause vasculitis does anyone know whether this is true or not?

i had the vaccination in 2002 before deploying to Iraq, but yet i didn't start to get symptoms till 2011 (moved to a very demanding and stressful job, so thought it might of been that, that flared it up) trying to find out if they are linked to each other, whether vasculitis can lay 'dorment' so to speak.

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Hi Mat

There are some vasculitides where the cause might be due to a specific drug or infection, eg Hypersensitivity Vasculitis. Whether there is any evidence based research on the causation of vasculitis and anthrax vaccination I don't know. It would be interesting to have a note of the sites where this is being said.

I assume that the anthrax vaccination is a live vaccine. We are advised not to have live vaccines but I see that you had the anthrax vaccine before being diagnosed.



please see below for links that have mentioned the 2 mentions it under condition's

these are just some that i have found,

it was advised for us to take it before deployment incase of WMD and all that shizzle


Hi Mat

I think the ncbi.nim.nih document probably carries some clout. I can only see the abstract, but it does say "occasionally". However, as some drugs are known to be a causal factor I guess Anthrax could/might easily fit into the list. But I don't know, just using a little logic - but then what has logic got to do with most things?

You are obviously concerned about this and so would I in the same circumstances. I would be thinking about what further impact it might have on your life.

I guess you have discussed this with your consultant.



It is now pretty much established that auto-immune diseases are due to a combination of:-

a) A genetic predisposition - so due to their genetic makeup, some people are more susceptible to getting an auto-immune dusease. It's pretty certain that the key to this will be found in the next few years.

b) An evironmental factor - this could be a chemical/drug or exposure to an infection. eg. an episode of glandular fever seems to be implicated in setting off quite rapid & aggressive WG in young people. Other people report that their vasculitis started not long after a viral infection, occasionally after a serious accident or major surgery. This of course causes physical stress to the body, but periods of heavy mental stress are also implicated.

Vasculitis can come on rapidly in some cases or very gradually. Many of us who have vasculitis, especially WG, say that with hindsight it was coming on for months or even years before it came on at full strength.

So maybe the anthrax vax initiated it and the stress of Afghanistan made it worse. Maybe there is a link with PTSD - it is all very complex.

One theory that is current is that the immune system is set up to be a ruthless indiscriminate killing machine, but is held in check by certain inhibitors that stop it attacking the body's own "self" cells. In AI diseases, rather than something setting the immune system being more aggressive, it is the inhibitor that is removed or damaged. Either way, it's not good to be attacked by the enemy from within.

Regards - John




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