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Route Maps for Vasculitis being Distributed to Consultants and Doctors in Ireland

Vasculitis Awareness Ireland have already distributed 40 hard copies of the Route Map for Vasculitis to consultants and doctors in Ireland and over 200 information leaflets. We have now received another request for 40 more hard copies of the RM and another 200 information leaflets to be distributed to more consultants and doctors in Ireland. This will be done during Vasculitis Awareness month May 2013. Over 300 hard copies of the Route Map for Vasculitis have been distributed to Consultants and Doctors here in England Scotland and Wales.

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how can I check if my consultant has already got one? do I pm you?



I certainly dont think my doctors have one as i went a couple of weeks ago and we have a new doctor at the practice and he had.nt got a clue what WG was, if this is the case how can we be treated right. I have to rely on Addensbrook every 4mths to make sure iam ok. (: I get quite upset at times because they dont understand.


How can I get a copy for my GP, many thanks.


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