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problems with bladder


Has anyone else had or having trouble weeing ? I drink loads of juice water and tea throw the day But not peeing as much as i use to !

I do go but not alot .

Thks for any advice


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I've had a water infection, felt like something blocking end of tube.

had 3 days meds and couldn't wee yesterday - in a lot of pain after about 7 hours started to wee okay again.

I drink 3 litres a day, but was out on friday and drank less.



This could happen for a variety of reasons, Alli, a urinary tract infection being one of them. Is your urine the normal colour? Any aches or pains? Are you feeling ok? I would recommend seeing your GP quickly, if this situation continues, as it could indicate something a bit more serious. At least you need a medical expert to put your mind at rest.

Let us know!



Have been havi8ng similar problems couple bouts of urine infection.But I also think it is due to inflamationof skin in groin area Guess something to do with long term medss. Have found plenty of antiseptic cream for a couple of days takes it all away but as always check with gp


Hi just wondering if you are on new meds I have been on methotexrate now for five weeks and like you drink water and fluids constantly during the day I take my meth on a mon night and by the wed my usual constant trips to the loo diminish to a couple of times in the day Check with your doc regardless Hope this helps take care


Three weeks ago my GP suggested that I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it. Life has been transformed! Caffeine free tea is horrible, but I am drinking it because if I try real tea my symptoms come back. It might be worth trying for a few days? Rooibos tea is OK though, and meant to be good for autoimmune problems. Good luck with getting things sorted....it's a trivial sounding problem that has enormous impact on ones life!


Thk you everyone :)

im alot better now x


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