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We Are All Liars!

Do you have chronic illness?

Yes? You're a liar. I'm a liar, too.

The problem with chronic illness is that it's just that...chronic--always with us. If you could talk to your old self, the you before your illness, your old self would be freaking out about all the symptoms you'd be describing and extremely sad about how drastically life will change from pre-disease to where you are now....

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I would tell myself to live life to the full;

what I would need to know and who to contact for early diagnosis, and the best drugs to treat me;

you will face challenging times, but the "me" talking to you is 20 years on;

take every problem without the fear and uncertainty I had - you will be ok, you will survive;

that there are positives, I'll leave you with the pleasure of discovering them.



Thank you, Sandra! I'm slowly but surely finding positives here and there. My outlook isn't always so bleak, thankfully. :-D Only you would understand that though and know the truth.


I would just like to say that your spot on with your blog. Thank you for highlighting this feeling that we are all "fine".


Thank you so much. I'm so glad it's taken in the context it was written. Of course, I figured those with chronic illness would indeed get it and those without would likely be the ones offended or to misunderstand it.

Blogging is great venting!


I find myself ageing with everything that has been said here! Although the live life to the full is something I TRY to do, as best I can now!.....Despite the limitations, not least, dialysis three times a week, which is, a bit of a bind! Still 'enjoy the life that you have', is a good philosophy and one, we should all embrace, as far as we are able!

Enjoy what you can; we have already beaten the odds!



I definitely do count my blessings....having needed restating 3x

But i do agree live life to the full....this is a second chance in life. Appreciated my lived one's a lot more. My family have become close again....BUT although people remind me everyday I've Done the hard part.....nope. knowing my life will never be the same is hard....adjusting and getting used to that is worse....maybe it's because I'm still comin to terms with my diagnosis and only 3 months in??? It does make me willied to do everything in my power to become stronger German and healthier though...and actively champion for causes I believe in that will help others.....



3 months in... you're like a baby to all of this. :-( I'm only a couple of years into this. It took me about a year and a half to accept it and decide not to let it run my life. It's hard and scary. I hope you have a supportive family. :-)


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