Diagnosed with asthma at 48

Hi, I'm writing to let people know that I have never been diagnosed with asthma up until recently. I also had bronchitis when I was diagnosed with asthma. Now weeks later I still have a cough and tightness in my chest. I'm really confused, why now? My cough hasn't gotten better with the albuteral pump. Do you think I should talk to my doctor about this?

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  • Of course your doctor shoul be told! There are so many diferent medication to try!

  • I would definetly go see your doctor! The albuterol is to help you when you are having tightness of chest, difficulty breathing.. Etc and if you are having To use it a lot, You might need a medication you take every day as well. I was recently diagnosed too.. I'm 46 and this is all a new world to me so I can totally relate:) I would go see your doctor as soon as possible.. Because you might need a antibiotic for the bronchitis.. Or you might need a preventer Inhalor. But it sounds like you definitely need something to get that cough under control and to start feeling better again:)

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