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Hospitalized for ASTHMA


My daughter is 21 she has been hospitalized at least five times every time for three days. I noticed her asthma gets worse when she pregnant does that happen to others.

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That sounds scary! I'm sorry to hear that. For pregnant women, about 1/3 have asthma that gets better during pregnancy, 1/3 have asthma that stays the same, and for another 1/3 it worsens. Does she have a good pulmonologist?

Nesiar78 in reply to hilary39

What is that if it's an asthma specialist I'm not sure because he only sees her once every six weeks. So she only seen him maybe three times

Sounds as if she could possibly be allergic to to Albuterol? There are numerous inhalers on the market. She should get with a highly specialized pulmonary doctor right away to get this narrowed down to what will get her feeling better. I'm very sorry to hear about this.

Nesiar78 in reply to VinswaynW

Thank you I'll look into it right away so appreciate all these comments. I love my daughter and so do her children and we thank you for your time and advice

Sorry Nesiar78, it seems that whatever emergency inhaler she's using, the chemistry isn't compatible with her. I don't know if it's albuterol or not, but something just isn't right in dealing with her body's chemistry. Please get her to a asthma specialist right away.

Nesiar78 in reply to VinswaynW

Thank you she using a ventalin inhaler it's Albuterol

Does she see an asthma specialist?

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Only seen three times it's about forty minutes away and we don't have a vehicle so she takes bus. I really wish I could go with her she kinda shy not to comfortable with asking questions really wish she would ask more questions. But honestly I think her specialist is working and I hope she continues to see him


I am sorry to hear about your daughter's asthma! Please keep us updated on her progress. Sending positive vibes 😊

Here is a nice review on breathing for two with asthma...

Nesiar78 in reply to Carakraft

Thank you so much and I will keep updating her progress. Love this caring community

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