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Kidney Transplant Patient Support
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Newbie looking for help 😊

Hi everyone

I have had type 1 diabetes for 38 yrs now but unfortunately the combination of time and mismanagement in my youth have given me a variety of complications

The most severe is renal failure and because of this I am facing transplant surgery

I am pre dialysis and have been given options of kidney transplant kidney pancreas transplant or kidney and islet transplant.

I'm looking for anyone with experience of these options and any input would be appreciated

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Hi Mark, you don't really have options when your kidneys fail. Probably just have to see what the doctors can do for you. Been a while since your post, is there any change in the situation ?

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Yes it has been a while since my post

I am still Predialysis at the moment but I have decided to opt for the simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant. I have just completed all relevant tests and been given the green light for this. My first monthly bloods have just been sent in and I am awaiting the letter to confirm I'm active on the transplant waiting list. So things are getting pretty real now on that front which is quite exciting but making me pretty nervous as well 😊


The renal teams are usually pretty good.


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