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Tell this cold to stuff it!

Okay I am fed up with this cold. It just won't go away even though I am taking vitamins, trying to eat healthily (although those veggie burgers with curly fries might not have been too healthy!) and eating lots of peas for vitamin C. I think I am just too stressed right now to fight this off as quickly as I usually do. I JUST WANT TO SING!!! Sorry for shouting but I can't do it in real life because my voice has pretty much gone!

It has been so far so good with the aripiprazole although I have been having a nightmare trying to use the blasted pipette they supplied with it! I might have to go to Boots and get a syringe instead! It would help, however if the pipette went to 2.5 and not just 2! Although I still have the cold, I am not feeling quite as bad as I was when I wrote the last blog and I don't seem to be getting the severe dizziness/tiredness that I got last time. I am being much more strict with myself this time though and I have banned caffeine (because it was making me sleepy!) to make sure that it is not counter-effecting the aripiprazole. Also I have the added bonus that I don't have sinusitis this time which I believe contributed to the majority of the problems!

I have to take the aripiprazole this time though because my mind feels like it is fragmenting and I can't always work out the difference between fantasy or reality. It's happening only occasionally at the moment, but I am SO PARANOID and I am convinced that the two soap dispensers which were put in our kitchen last week are government spy cameras. It might be because I am worried about the change to ESA and the fact that my form is due in next week and I haven't finished it yet. What I don't understand is how they expect me to explain my 5 conditions in such a tiny box using my handwriting which is equivalent to size 40 on a computer! The form is so vague as well and has about three typos. I don't know how or why I noticed that but I did.

Anyway I will be happy this coming week because I have a whole load of CDs coming to add themselves to my Now thats what I call music collection! I have, of course, purchased the newest arrival, Now 81, but now I am trying to fill the gaps between 27 and 81. At the moment I am not going to go for the ones under 27 (they cost A LOT even on Amazon!) but I have chanced across a few of these in CEX and in charity shops. The definite favourite of my collection, Now 2 on vinyl, was a charity shop acquisition! Okay, so I can't technically play it because I don't have a record player, but it looks pretty.

anyway I know now that ATOS and the goverment are spying on me because I just got a letter off them demanding to know why I haven't sent my form yet. BECAUSE IT IS STUPID THAT IS WHY. I'm going to go and freak out...

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The letter from the DWP is just a standard thing, I got one too, have you got someone helping you with your ESA50?

Glad the the aripiprozole is still going ok, I had a little spoon with mine, most of the time it was ok but when my head was ticcing I had to get Pete to help me.

Do you remember one of the mums from the Brum support group, her son also collects "NOW" albums. There was a post a wrote a while ago that you might find helpful (and the person helping you out with the ESA50).


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