What you want, we got it!

What you want, we got it!

More like what I don't want, I've got it. It's a new tic, a rather silly vocal tic that's come about from watching The Flight Of The Conchords, as an extra onj the DVD of the second series theres some adverts for Dave's pawn shop, the Conchord's best friend in New York. These adverts are one of the funniest things I've seen, but after a few days it's getting a bit waring shouting "What you want, we got it!" just like Dave's Indian dad. It's a rather unfortunate tic to be shouting in my village shop which is run by 2 SriLankan brothers who I would never want to offend, luckily they've got used to me shouting whilst picking up a loaf of bread, but still, I'd just hate to upset them they're lovely guys.

The Habit Reversal Training was going quite well, so I thought, well so my therapist and consultant told me, but maybe it's just me, I can be a bit of a perfectionist and when I achieve, I like to achieve well. So it was a bit of a blow to the ego (or maybe I just shouldn't have listened to him) when I was having a conversation with my partner's brother about my TS and my HRT, He incidently has a throat clearing tic. He says to me that he can't see any difference at all in my tics and that I have a long way to go and wondered why that I still shout out "P"£$ OFF" I told him that that was like him clearing his throat, "No, not at all, it embaresses me but at least I don't offend anyone" "Surely if I can stop ticcing, you can stop shouting" (Whatever) I told him about his neice, the one who avoids me having contact with her 5 year old son, who also told me that if there was a kid with TS in his class she would have him removed. You would think that a young mum like her (she's 29) would be a bit more forward thinking, but my brother in-law basically said the same, if he had a young child he wouldn't want them to have much contact with me or anyone else with TS, regardless of their age. Why is it when you hear the phrase "no offense but.." you know that someone's going to say something really hurtfull that goes agaist your core beliefs. I'm quite glad that she didn't turn up to the open mic nite that I organised last October. Another reason why I'm feeling somewhat deflated is that my better half has started to get anoyed with my tics yet again, there I am trying my best not to shout so I settle for the happy medium of letting out my whistling tic whilst we go about our buisness in Bedworth. "Shut up! Stop doing that!" me thinks he's embarrassing himself. Maybe I'll watch some more Flight of the Conchords, that might cheer me up.

Here's Dave's advert.

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  • Hi Catherine

    Do love your blog!

    Your reference to the comment made about the reaction of people to the thought of possibly having a child with TS in a class with their own child resonated with me. My son (now age 6) is that child with TS in his class and unfortunately that reaction is all too familiar. Having never been on the receiving end of discrimination and prejudice of any sort before, the past 18 months have been one hell of a eye-opener and required an ever-thickening skin and quick thinking. Unfortunately the problem runs much deeper than that though. In my search for a Year 3 Junior school place/setting for my son I contacted 17 local schools. Of those 17 only 1, (yes, that says 1 and isn't a typo), was in any way open to the idea of having a child with TS go to their school. The rest all found excuses, reasons or obstacles for him not to attend and some even said the other "parents won't wear it" and "we don't DO Tourette's"!!!

    The ridiculously hypocritical thing about all this is that every one of those schools have (and advertise the fact they have and, allegedly, adhere to) an Inclusion Policy. However, these policies should in fact be worded:

    Inclusion Policy (Except for children with Tourette's Syndrome)...!!!!



  • Hi Laura, I read your blog. They can't do that by Law. The Disability Discrimination Act means schools and employers alike need to make reasonable allowances or adjustments for an adult/child's difficulty. Check out on your search engine. I don't have kids, but was diagnosed with TS age 7, that was 50 years ago. I was sent to a mainstream boarding school and stayed there for the next 7 years. You would think in this day and age people would be more open to allowing a kid into school with TS. Stuff the parents who 'won't wear it' and say 'we don't do tourettes'. Tell them that 'YOU DON'T DO DISCRIMINATION'. Find our your rights and don't let them bully you. I can't believe the way you've been treated, it's appalling. Your child has just as much right to a good education as theirs. Good Luck.

  • Thanks, yes, my son does deserve the right to an education and I'm not letting them get away with it don't you worry! However, as much as I know its discrimination and they are not allowed to say things like that but the fact is they still do!! I know I could force them to take my son but I don't want to put him in a school who didn't want him from the outset as they're hardly going to work with him or me in a supportive, nurturing, accepting or understanding way!!! He has enough battles already so don't want to give him this almighty one as well!! No, I'll fight this battle - but with the higher authorities cos at the end of the day it's about all kids whatever their problems, not just mine and they shouldn't have their lives written off like this, it's horrendous!



  • On one hand I'm shocked but I'm not really, that's one of the reasons I don't teach anyone is because I'd be worried about parents finding out and withdrawing their kids from my classes. Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you find it helpful and I hope life will get easier for you both.

  • Catherine, I don't understand how you can tolerate such crap from your partner given how much of a pioneer you are for TS. It really saddens me tbh and im sure I am not alone.

    I would hate and be ashamed of msyelf if my son was posting saying I was making comments like your bf is making.

    That may be easy for me to say but I worry so much about unkind comments from acquaintences of Dylan.. To take unkind comments from close people would be too much, especially if day in and day out. Bang out of order and it is a type of abuse if you think about it.

    You deserve better lovely, you really do.

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