Do I have Tourette's or is it just habits?

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am 16 years old. I started to flick my head and hair a bit a couple of years back but it has got worse. I know have to constantly crack my neck and crane my neck to look around, I can't sit still for long periods of time. In fact I can't sit still at all. I fidget and keep moving my shoulders up and down to try and get comfortable but that doesn't work. I also have an eye twitch. At first my mum thought it was because I was spending too much time on electrical devices. The optician thought that as well but it gets really bad when I'm stressed and I can't stop doing it when I'm not on things like my iPad. I sometimes clear my throat quite a bit but not as much as the other things. I don't know whether I should see a doctor but I'm writes if they will dismiss it. People are starting to notice so I need to get it sorted if something is wrong. Could someone please help.

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  • Hi Georgia

    Thank you for your post. Would you like to call our helpdesk for a chat 0300 777 8427 or email Please have a look around our website and particularly this page for more information on getting a diagnosis etc

    Best wishes, Julie

  • I emailed Tourette's action a while ago explaining my symptoms and asking whether i should go and see a doctor but they said that really I should have a vocal tick. I have to clear throat sometimes but it's not a lot. I feel like I would be wasting their time if I went and didn't have a vocal tick.

  • Hi Georgia,

    Can I ask what area you are in? We can always have a check to see what specialists/clinics are in your area.

  • I live in Crewe, Cheshire

  • Hi Georgia, OK if you email our help desk or call our help desk and provide them with your email address they will send you some info. Hope that helps!

  • Thank you I will do

  • Is it possible that I have Tourettes?

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