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Tics while trying to sleep

The last few nights I seem to have developed an increasingly bad issue with tics getting worse when I am trying to sleep.

I've had this issue before, but not for years at the level of severity these last few nights.

Tonight I've taken some diazepam and done an hour and a half or so on an exercise bike to try and make sure that I don't have a repeat performance, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas for preventing it happening without the valium!


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Tell me about it, I drive my poor partner nuts ticing away particularly as Mr Susan is back good and proper (head jerking side to side tic) I haven't slept very well at all over the last few nights, I think the zopiclone might be helping me out tonight :( There is something that helps but that hasn't been forthcoming for a long time, if you catch my drift ;)


I think I possibly get the drift...but I am *terrible* at hints >_<

Slept well last night, but waking up was so difficult after the diazepam!!


Same here, I should be at the community centre now, but here I am still still in my jimjams. You might need some help from your girlfriend to help you drift off to sleep.


don't know what help she can give to be honest at the moment, she's already putting up with so much as it is...feel like im falling apart at the moment.


???!!!!??......Did you go to a Catholic school too? Weren't you aware of any "extra curruicular activities"?


didn't get the hint there >_< i'm terrible at getting hints *embarassed*


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