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Anxiety or something more?

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Hello. I don’t know if I have TS. I know that nobody can give me a set diagnosis here, but I am hoping to maybe get some clarity and some answers to questions ive had for a very long time.

Ever since I was a little kid I have always made unusual unconscious movements. I never noticed it until the kids at school started making fun of me for it; and it never bothered me until friends would ask me why I am making strange faces. They do not stay the same. Sometimes it is as simple as scrunching my nose, raising my eyebrows or pursing my lips. Ive had others that are more noticeable where I would tense my neck muscles and sort of make a grimace at the same time, or were I would move my jaw up and down till it was sore. I went through a horrible skin picking phase for awhile, thankfully that was not very long. The only vocal one I have ever done was making a throat clearing sound when I was about 7. I call them nervous tics because I do not know how else to describe them. They are constant, I have never been without them for as long as I can remember. Most of the time I don’t even realize I am making the movements until someone says something. They happen when I am completely relaxed too, watching tv or reading a book. I can’t feel them about to happen, but I do get an uncomfortable feeling if I try to not do them. I have been taking medication for anxiety and depression for a little over a year now. I can’t say there has been any change with the tics, which is frustrating. I feel like if they were just from anxiety they would have subsided by now. I hope someone here can offer a bit of insight.

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Sounds like TS to me

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Thank you for responding to me.

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My 10yr old daughter has it, it doesn't define you, she is such an Intelligent young girl! And her personality is bang on, she is very popular and her TS is something that comes with her. So I guess you just have to embrace what you have and accept it, on the plus side it makes you more Interesting and you get to get away with saying shit I cant say out loud, lol

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Sorry for being blunt on the previous reply ;)

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It’s okay :)

Hi, it is my son who has TS and he is now aged 14, it has been a struggle over the years and a complet leaning curve. Reading you comment I most can certainly recognise the tics you are experiencing and I have no expertise here but I'm saying your tics is you TS and not anxiety I guess. We have been told that a person with TS can suffer anxiety through life. As a father I often try not to make a bg issue over my sons TS and I try to ignore his conditions which do vary. I guess I hope that one day they may disappear which is my way of coping. I myself suffer variety anxiety issue more so this time of year is hardest cal it SAD syndrome. I've started on herbal tablets which does help, and I am told not as addictive. I hope without rattling on I have helped in some way. Take care Mark

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You have. Thank you so much for responding.

Sounds like TS or maybe tic disorder if no vocal tic. Wondering what age you are.

I just turned 25. The last time I had a vocal tic was probably around 7 or 8. I would make a throat clearing sound.

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Hi, thank you for getting in touch. I would suggest that you contact the Tourettes Action helpdesk and ask for the consultant list - a list of consultants specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of TS. You can take the list to your GP, explaining your symptoms and that you'd like to be referred to a consultant for an assessment. If you are not able to be referred to somebody from the list, the GP can refer you to a local paediatrician (if you are under 18) or a local neurologist if you are an adult. This is of course, only if you want to confirm a diagnosis or not. If you do have a diagnosis, this could open doors to helping you find the right treatment to help manage tics - such as a behavioural therapy for example. You can email for a copy of the list.

Best wishes


I will try this. Thank you so much.

Hi there my son is 8 he began blinking frequently at the age of 6 throat clearing and noises started at 7 and then suddenly developed neck jerking his whole body now tenses up and he rolls his eyes they have rules all medical causes out. He’s going to be assessed by a peads children’s centre they are thinking adhd asd I’m sure he has TS really want some answers so I can support him the best I can. Like yourself they say that TS commonly starts at 7

My Daughter started displaying ticks at a year old, she would cuddle up to me on the sofa and totally out of the blue she would pinch me, the ticks got worse as she got older, by 12 not only was she displaying motorl ticks but vocal ticks as well, at 14 she started swearing and using derogatory language, now she is 21 medication has help a lot, if she is in a calm environment, how ever if she is anxious, excited or over stimulated, you wouldn't think she is on any medication.

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