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What is it like being a statue?

Can anybody tell me what’s it like to be a *statue? Well I suppose you don’t really know who really knows? People used to ask me when I was a kid what it was like to have my birthday on Christmas Eve, I dunno, normal. What’s it like having your birthday in the summer, normal. But what’s normal? I’ve often wonder what it’s like not to tic, to be honest when I took Risperidone and it worked, I sort of missed my tics even though some were quite intrusive, but what I did miss is how fast my brain seemed to usually race, sometimes with worry, sometimes full of genius ideas. As anyone who knows me the best version of me is one that has mad genius ideas. I think with most things is that there needs to be a sense of balance ( as a bad orchestral arrangement will tell you – bad idea using that much brass accompanying a flute solo) I need to be in a predominantly happy place where I’m on an even keel, genius ideas, yes, violent tics where I hurt myself, no. At the moment I’m ok, when I mean at the moment I mean now, 16.38 Tuesday afternoon. Quite happy, looking forward to my aromatherapy session tomorrow. The tics aren’t bothering me although I did slip up a couple of nights ago when I felt particularly down and my biting tic returned leaving my arm feeling sore and slightly bruised. But so far I can say that maybe I’m settling into this Aripiprazole lark ok.

*A person without TS

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I posted somewhere recently on the TA forum that I was in Madrid a few years ago and my Spanish friend went off to a shop or make a call or whatever and I stood outside this palace watching the guard, who was a good distance away from me, and he was completely motionless for the good half hour I was there

My friend almost had to get me out of my trance because I was mesmerised and she was a bit annoyed I had been staring and also that I was going on about how still he was and he never moved a muscle once

I aksed her could she do that, she said of course I could but I wouldn't want to.

Imagine being able to stand there even for a two minutes and not even tic once - amazing!

I would love to be able to do that but would probably still tic because I have been doing it constantly for over half a century and have never known anything else


I've had a script for Risperidone in my back pocket since Monday and I'm still not sure whether to put it in at the Chemists

All sounds a bit scary


My mum's birthday is on 27th December and she hates it because she never got a proper present as her birthday was too soon after Crimbo

I have a friend who's birthday is on New Year's Eve and she never thinks it's funny when I say at least there's a party everywhere in the world on her birthday

One of my bessie mates in Pompey, Hannah, has hers on Jan 3rd and hates it as everyone is down after Crimbo and she says at I can (and usually do) have a picnic (a family BBQ this year) on mine

May 6th................probably the best birthdate ever!


Give it a try, it's not as if you're getting a tattoo or something. See what it's like to be like a statue for a bit.


OK, I will do as you have intsructed


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