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Vitamin D results

Hi I have had some blood reults back they are:

TSH 2.46

Cortisol 275

Vit D 26.4 (very low)

DHEA 2.8 (no units)

The GP has put me on vit D/calcium supplements 400IU twicw a day.

I understand there maybe more effective treatments than this available. If so what are they please?

I am eager to raise my levels ASAP!! Many thanks

Rachel x

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I sourced Solgar 1000iu vit d3 tablets and had started them before my own results came back. My d3 result was 12, so I'm on fultium 800iu x4 times a day for 12 weeks. This is d3 only no calcium, my calcium level was not done initially but has been done since.

I was only on the Solgar for a few days but I actually had one good day on it, I started on the fultium a few days later and have not felt anywhere near as good yet, I'm 4 weeks in now.


Oh there was something in the mail this morning about putting mushrooms in the sun light for 30 mins or so and they were absorbing the d3 from the sun, it was about 20,000iu equivalent.


Probably don't need or want the calcium, and 400iu is the level you get from Supermarket economy range products!

Best buy I am aware of at the moment is these 5000iu capsules:


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