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hospital appointment

i had a hospital app today,[gyno],the doc ask me if i had any questions,i asked if my thyriod flaring up again would make any impact on my gyno problem,expecting him to say "of cause not".but he didn't he wanted to know what was going on with my thyroid,,checked my medical records,and said he'll be sending a recemendation to my docter that my meds should be looked at again . he looked very surprised when i said that my docter just thinks i'm seems that thyriod probs can effect your watch this space..sorry about the spelling my typing is'nt fast but it's faster than my brain.

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Yes, thyroid gland problems can cause female problems as well as affecting every other cell in your body. This is a link for your info and there are other topics at the top of the page. Dr Skinner has also said that many women have unnecessary ops which may have been remedied by proper thyroid medication.


My hypo symptoms were only taken seriously once my periods stopped. Once on levo, they started again for several months (I was close to the menopause anyway perhaps), but now they've stopped completely and I wonder if my hypo symptoms had been taken seriously earlier how things might have played out.


This is really interesting.

I've never thought to put thyroid and gyno problems together.

About 12 years ago (when I was 40) I had a hysterectomy. My periods were the baine of my life. I use to bleed continuously for a 28 day cycle, for 10 days I would haemorrhage, not being able to be more than a few yards from a toilet, 3-4days of light spotting and just manageable bleeding for the rest of the cycle. Then it would all start over again. Nightmare existence!!!

I was liberated. My hysterectomy was Such a relief and life changing experience. I saved a fortune on sanitary protection, ruined clothes and bedding. I have had continuous nights sleep without having to go to the loo several times to change protection or strip and remake the bed because of leakage accidents.

I wouldn't want my womb back and all the hassle of periods each month, but I do wonder if my hypothyroidism had been diagnosed earlier and treated would I still have it?

I wasn't diagnosed hypo until 1-2 years after my hysterectomy although I had all the symptoms for several years prior to it.


Omg I was the same for years and years since about 18 I started bleeding all the time I saw dr after dr thinking back I think the pill sorted me out short term! ihad my first child at 29 weeks preg but went into labour at 21weeks. I'm 36 now and have found that going into labour at 21 weeks is the norm for me. I lost a little boy at this gestation and like a miracle and many sutures I had a very healthy full term baby whom since having I was diagnosed as having hypo. A year of heavy bleeding after having her that bad I couldn't leave the house, I would have to change every 45 minutes and night times were horrendous. I'm also having alot of trouble with cysts and tendonitis. She was a couple of weeks old when these problems started couldn't open bottles or pick her up etc.

anyway since starting Levi thyroxin ohh no let me rewind when my bleeding was bad I had a ultra sound scan that shown a 5cm x 4cm mass in my womb I started the thyroxin the next day the mass fell out and my bleeding stopped my hubby flushed the mass after I put it in the fridge so we don't know what it was. But what I do know is if I miss just 1 dose of thyroxin I'm bleeding the next morning so yes it defo is a big symptom for me x


My hypothyroidism was picked up after I attempted to give blood. I was anaemic and they then discovered my thyroid problems with further blood tests. The anaemia was down to heavy periods and I suspect the fact I'd given blood 6 months earlier - which had taken me a while to recover from.

I'm glad your gynaecologist looked at the bigger picture :)


Your gynaecologist is a proper doctor and thinks out of the box, very rare these days. You need to read up all you can on hypothyroidism. Your GP, in common with many, is giving you sub-standard treatment. Depression is also a symptom of hypothyroidism. Shaws has given you a link for info and I also recommend Dr Peatfield's book Your Thyroid and How to Keep it healthy.


'Your GP, in common with many, is giving you sub-standard treatment.'

I agree.

My GP is better than the most; nice and efficient..But I won't rely on her for any medical problem-solving at all. (I have a knowledgeable private doctor who understands, instead who was extremely talented..)

My NHS GP also heavily depends on the "National Guidelines" than anything else most likely to hide her lack of medical expertise/knowledge. (Her career is safe so long as she sticks to the Rules) I recognise her as a highly paid bureaucrat than a "real doctor" so that I wouldn't raise much expectations of her as a "doctor". So we get along just fine..

NHS GP system is dreadful in my area (SE of England). It's a seriously affluent area and the Surgery is highly efficient than the most I have had over the past several decades. But they're so busy and I feel like they are doing me some great favour fitting me in for 5 minites consultation. It is a joke.


Yes he sounds as if he's a good gyno. I hope you don't mind if I sing my theme song (see my other posts), and say that depression and gyno problems can come not just from thyroid deficiency but from other pituitary deficiencies too, and if you've ever had a head injury or brain radiation, or an autoimmune disease, there is a considerable chance (about 33% after head injury) that your pituitary gland may be damaged. The other anterior pituitary hormones are growth hormone, adrenocorticotrophic hormone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone (these two responsible for your sexual and reproductive side) and prolactin. Getting hormone replacement treatment for other deficiencies might transform your life. Anyway, whatever, I hope you get the right help.


I've had gynae problems since the age of 10-11 years old! Thats when I started my periods and was very heavy from day 1 bleeding badly for 7-10 days and pmt for 3 weeks out of 4. I had to see gynae docs from the age of 12, yep 12 very embarrasing and had my 1st d+c at the age of 13! Too many issues to explain, but had a hysterectomy at 30, should have been at age 28 but had a reaction to a premed they gave me and had to be strapped down when they tried to put me to sleep. not once did anyone think to check my iron or hormones, just gave me rediculous amounts of pills over the years, it sickens me to think that this could have all been avoided. I had 2 kids, by my first pregnancy had to be terminated as I was so ill and I have also had a miscarriage. After my first child I had post natal so bad I ended up in a psych ward many times for weeks on end and had electric shock treatment! After my second child I was given so much progesterone suppositories to stop the post natal again. I had the highest dose for the longest they could give it to me, before it damaged my bowel and it didnt completely stop it.

I too was glad to see the back of my womb it caused me so much hassle, but I also lost an education because of my periods and I could have been something in life. I was a clever child but my health has ruined my life, even after my second child, my midwives begged my doctor to sterilise me, as pregnancy caused so many issues. I put on over 6 stone with my first child and had pre-eclampsia and hardly ate!

Sorry for my long post, I could have written sooo much more, but its actually quite upsetting to think what I've been through in my life and it was all avoidable:((

best wishes sharon


Yep, they definitely can affect periods. I had none when experiencing thyrotoxicosis and being hypothyroid for the last year mine had been less predictable, shorter and lighter too (and more painful). Thankfully with a dose of T3 added in a few months ago for me (as I suspect I am not converting the T4 right at the moment) mine within a month got back to near clockwork precision, longer, heavier and less painful.

I hope your GP takes the letter from your gyno seriously and sorts yours meds out. Good luck. :)


Much of the above applies to me too. After having regular 28 day, lasting 7 days, reasonable flow periods, I suddenly found myself on a week and off a week. Was put on the Pill (high dose eostrogen in 1965) which only masked the real problem. Came off pill 2 ears later to have first son, normal pregnancy. Then things started to go wrong with further two pregnancies and I to was glad to see the back of my womb in 1981 and began t feel better, but not much until i was eventually put on T4 in 1997, a long time after a sub-total thyroidectomy in 1978 while 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter. Remainder of pregnancy turned out well.


I also had an early hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding 3 weeks every month, aged 28. Also suffered fromME at that age and was borderline hypo for next 25 years! Took a move to france and a different healthcare system to get treatment.Still battling the dosage though but going in the right direction. Wish I had known all this 25 years ago, may have saved a lot of problems.Being informed is a vital tool.


Looking at all these problems there must be so many of us out there who remain undiagnosed and whose symptoms are treated individually without the underlying hormonal problems ever being treated. Medicine has to change. It is almost criminal.


I agree , medicine has got to change. Am writing to my MP in the vain hope that something will come of it. Well. it is a start.


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