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I've even started running again!


I'm writing this as two months after my last hypo flare-up, and meds increase I'm feeling well again. I don't want to depress fellow sufferers who are finding things difficult right now but I want to say that when treatment is working wellness is possible.

I don't appear to have the complications of conversion problems or multiple issues, so I know I'm very, very fortunate. At present, a dose of levo and monitoring symptoms seems to be enough. I'm also taking a lot of care to look after myself with good nutrition and I avoid stress as much as possible.

I'm now well enough to still be walking at the end of my working day and on my days off, I'm feeling so well I've even started running again. I'm determined to try and lose some of the extra weight I gained and on Sunday, I completed 30mins of walking-running. This was big progress! And it didn't feel like a great hardship - I'm just ready to exercise again. With hypothyroidism there have been times I could barely walk, so to be running has been something I never really expected to be able to do again.

I know there will be further struggles ahead, but with the support of ThyroidUK I feel so much better able to face any issues in the future than I was a year ago. Once again, thank you everyone :)

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It is great when you feel good health returning, even if now and then we have an 'off' day.

Your story will be encouraging to those still struggling.

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Thank you Shaws.

I hope it does encourage others - I know how difficult this condition can be to manage.

For me those times come and go but I know for some this struggle is ongoing.

Brilliant news :) So pleased to hear of your progress and even better that it is on thyroxine - this can bring hope to many that if they get onto the right dose they will feel well again. Just wondering what your latest test results are as it is interesting to see what they are when someone feels well? xx

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Hi Clare

My last TSH level was 3.88 (0.35-5.5) on 18.03.13 and I was only just begining to feel ok then. I'd been put on 50mcg levo since a TSH of 18.63 four weeks earlier.

I can't give you further test results as my GP rarely does them - for me T4 was only at diagnosis of hypo to confirm.

I feel better now than I did in March, but I can't give you a current TSH level as I was 'in range' so not deemed to need another. I'm guessing current TSH is lower still - am I right to assume that I'll have been building up a 'reserve' of T4 so it's likely my current TSH would be less?

I still get occasional aches in my elbows and sometimes need a little nap in the afternoon and of course there's the thyroid pot belly and that troublesome 3 stone to shift!! So all's not perfect, but I'm really happy I can do aerobic exercise again at last!


That is wonderful news! I do love to hear positive stories. It gives the rest of us hope :) I wish I could get back to running. I used to love it but I can't manage it at the moment but reading your blog post has given me the itch now! Perhaps I might get out there and give it a try anyway. You never know, perhaps it will help. It used to help me with stress so who knows?

See you at the next London marathon? ;)

Carolyn x

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Thank you Carolyn.

London Marathon!!! Hahaha - I think NOT! Or maybe 'I'll run it if you will!'

In reality, I'll be over the moon if I can run without stopping for 20 mins - which seems impossible right now!

I'm at the walk 2/run 1 stage and this is quite a challenge at present.

The little I've done so far has helped me with stress, headaches, breathing, sleep, and simply feeling better about things especially the weight gain. Early days but I'm sure the hypo-pot-belly is a little smaller!

I'm following the training advice of Ben Greenfield who I read a lot. Sometimes the science gets a bit too in depth for me, but I admire what I can understand.

His opinion is that even hard-core athletes shouldn't overtrain. I like his suggestions to start running.


It is great to hear positive stories, it really does give me hope!

I'm pleased for you, it must feel wonderful :)

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Thank you Wired! Never give up hope.

Just two months ago things were dire and getting out of bed or walking up/down stairs sometimes was hard enough, so things can improve.

Things seem to change constantly and I'm sure there will be more challenges ahead but it is wonderful to have some of the 'old me' back - if only for a while. :)

Really pleased for you feeling well, that's great news. It's nice to hear positive stories. Just a little advice though.

Every time I have felt well again, I've started running again(as I love it) and each time within the month I started to get symptoms back. So just make sure you don't do too much too quickly. You may not be the same as me but just want to let you know my experience :)

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Hi Denise

Thank you for your reply and the advice. I am taking it very slowly... but will remember to watch out for any signs of symptoms returning. I appreciate this note of caution as I can have a tendancy to charge into things full steam ahead!


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