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Me again !

So here I am again.

Still tired, still fed up, still fat.

I had a severe reaction the other night to - wait for it a gluten free sausage 😱 Bought from a well know cheaper shop. One bite and I couldn't breathe, producing lots of bile, felt my throat was closing up. Clamy, chest pain feeling sick . Hubby not helping by insisting I needed an ambulance - which I didn't. Was sick in the end and got rid of the problem . Not had a reaction like that for a long time !

Then all day yesterday feeling tired and unwell joints aching, ankle and legs swollen amongst other things. Barely able to function at work.

Not seeing my endo till September - to be fair I'm so much better than I was since introducing t3 but I'm sure I'm still way under treated,

I know many of us feel this way and in fact some of you are so much worse and I feel your pain . I just think it's so bad that this disease it not given the recognition it deserves so others understand how ill we are, how debilitating it is and how we live with our symptoms everyday of our lives .

So many friends tell me - you should be grateful you are not as bad as some people i.e. Cancer etc and I totally agree with them. But surely it doesn't lessen our disease - a disease which for many isn't acknowledged or treated correctly, never cured and never understood. Will it kill me - I don't know . I'm under attack every day from things that attack my thyroid wanting to destroy it. It causes so many other problems healthwise that nothing is straightforward .

I apologise if I've offended anyone or said anything that is not right . I guess this is me in 'sick and fed up ' mode yet again 😳

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I wonder what else was in the sausage ? - best to follow the mantra - if it doesn't grow - don't eat it 😊 I have Crohns as well as Hashi's.

Hope you soon feel better.


Thank you.

Deffo no more sausage for me . My dad refused to ever eat a sausage - he maintained if we knew what went on then we wouldn't touch one with a barge pole . Perhaps he was right 😊

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gluten free sausage 😱 Bought from a well know cheaper shop

That caught my eye and my question was the same as Marz.

I never used to eat sausage but I now buy them from the local butcher, he makes his own and what goes in them is the meat from his shop and flavourings. He apparently does a gluten free version!

If you want to try them again, forget supermarkets and cheap shops, go and have a word with your butcher.


Thank you . Will do


You could probably make your own sausages, see theguardian.com/lifeandstyl... - just buy casing and use mince and herbs. Anythign articiually made gluten free is likely to have something nasty and processed in it (I've always reckoned it was shreddedcardboard) - don't do it - just eat real food. Very scary though.


Thank you


Always worth asking at a local butcher. My one does the most fantastic big, meaty breakfast sausages using a seperate dedicated sausage machine, bowls, preperation boards etc. The flavour is fantastic without being overpowering with too many herbs etc., so much nicer than supermarket "gluten free" sausages. I've never had an issue with them. He told me that he has quite a few coeliac customers so knows that he has to get it right!

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Possibly contained some form of soy - soy protein, perhaps.

I used to make my own 'sausage's - more like sausage meant, really. Minced up belly of pork and added herbs and spices - especially mace and lots of pepper! Delicious and froze well, so you can make a big batch while your at it, and have it there, ready, whenever you want some. :)


Thank you . Will have to give them a try


I didn't know sausage contains gluten πŸ€”πŸ™„


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