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Private endrocronologist


Just wondering whether its worth forking out to see someone privately and what's the cost? My tsh levels were 100 and t4 was 4.4. I've got a new baby so I feel like complete shit. I was started in 50mcg of levothyroxine 5 days ago. Initially I was slowly gaining some energy but today I feel like I've done 10 rounds with mike Tyson. I'm also abit concerned as the only blood test I have had is a thyroid function one. My gp hasn't checked anything else which to be honest I find quite odd considering my thyroid is so low. She is seeing me again in 6 weeks and in mean time referred me for an ultrasound because my thyroid is swelled up in my neck. Is this the correct protocol or should she be more on the ball ?

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I think that the signs are good that you are going to feel well once you get to the correct level of thyroxine, as you have felt such improvement so quickly. It would be good to get your iro, ferritin, folate, vit B12 and vit D tested though, although you GP should be able to arrange this.

If things stop improving then that might be the time to ask for a referral to an endo.

It's pretty normal to feel some improvement and then for things to slide back. Perhaps you could ask your GP if you could increase a bit more quickly, as you are likely to need far more than 50mcg of thyroxine. Xx

sam1986 in reply to Clarebear

I've already lost 6 lbs now though. Does the levothyroxine effect the metabolism so quickly while everything is is still slowly recovering? Or is that a sign that 50mcg is actually having some good effect on me? I would prefer to be seen by an endrocronologist, are the gps so quick to refer though or is it a bit of a battle?

That's great that you have lost weight so quickly, but pretty unusual I would think. If you want to see an endo privately then I'm sure your GP will refer you (mine did). I'm not so sure about on the NHS though. Xx

sam1986 in reply to Clarebear

Well the one who is at a private hospital near me is also the one who works from my local nhs hospital. So if I saw him, he might put me on his nhs list from there? That way I'm not waiting forever for an nhs initial appointment but can start free treatment and obviously he will run more tests. I'm just not happy with that lack of tests my gp did to be honest. It scares me how relaxed some gp's are when it comes to people's health. I think it's weird that I've lost weight so quick also x

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Hi Sam, I saw an Endo, intending to do exactly what you mention.

Was with him maybe 10/15 mins, forgot everything I was going to tell him, my mind went blank.....£180. He advised to be checked for Addisons, I got that cheap at £135. I understand its normally double that.

I asked if I could go on his NHS list and he said to get in touch with his secretary, which I did the next morning. The answer was ' sorry he isn't taki g any more NHS patients on anymore!'

I kept my NHS appointment which was 7 days later. I took a written list this time and got all my answers.

Just so glad to gave found this site to know what those questions were.

Hi Most private consultants, all good ones, do not just rely on bloods. They also, if asked will ask gP to do specific tests and bloods, also the drugs always nHS. They all do or have worked NHS. Mine charges, about £150 consultation, then £90. They are exceptionally long appointment, much more so than some but always longer then NHS. Any good consultant treatment the same as NHS, but they have more time. A big advantage. Most important attribute is a good listener A prof, is allowed to charge more, or laid down charges, ask the sec. , private one. I think a prof up to £300 , a physician ( consultant) up to £150. Mostly all charge more for first consult.Say self funding, sometimes they charge the insurance the top allowed , never have bloods at a private hospital, very expensive, unless insured as they are better usually than NHS ones, different assays, and more.Most like T4 and T3 as first choice.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,Jackie

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