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Triggers for joint pain

I suppose I'm lucky in that I do not have constant joint pain and rarely need to take pain killers. I've passed the TSH test and now take 25mcg Levo. I was far more ill when borderline, 20 years ago, or maybe just got used to it. I do, definitely notice that an aching throat and joint pain go together.Flu like. I'n now not working so don't have the stress of being off sick, and the lack of reason for it when I was really ill. Was originally diagnosed with CFS, then depression. Which ironicaly has a ot of protection under employment law. Blah Blah Blah Having said that, I want to enjoy my retirement, travel and possibly to a bit of part time temporary work.

My sister has trouble with her joints. She is an intelligent woman, and says that this is related to strep throat infections. She is however very healthy most of the time but thinks that her probs are reactive rheumatoid arthritis. I've googled it but can't find it.I've asked her to have a thyroid test, our dad was hypo.She says that rheumatoid factor was in her blood test. I have no rheumatoid factor in mine but was tested when well.My symptoms have been similar, but I do not have the her degree of joint pain.We both can be OK for long peroids of time. There is a bit of I'm more ill than you going on.Which is just stupid now.

I strongly suspect thst that we could both has some degree of the others condition.Pus think that a sore throat and acid food is a trigger. Anyone who only gets bad joints with sore throats?

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If you have one autoimmune condition, the probability is that you will get others too.


Hi Make sure you have had a vit D test ( hormonal), if low a corrected calcium test, before treatment. Re test both in 3 months, D takes that long. I strongly suspect low D of causing your problems. Also if autoimmune, especially, important to also have, B12 and Foliates, ferritin/iron and diabetes, glucose and if pos best Hb 1Ac tests ( autoimmune and hormonal ) diabetes often has the same symptoms as thyroid disease to start with. Thyroid important to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 for the correct treatment.Ultra sound, if voice and swallowing a problem.I have over 12 autoimmune diseases, they gradually occur ,so watch for them. If not happy with treatment ,find a really good endo, then ask GP to refer you.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the replies. I strongly suspect that I have had rheumatic flare ups when ill with other other things eg tonsilitus but have no permanent damage to joints so wonder if lack of a diagnosis is that important as the doc would not suggest anything different from my own self care and I no longer need a "reason" to be ill. Vitamin D is mentioned for both conditions, plus heartburn. I have been given pills to lower stomach acid before but now suspect it may be low. I have the opposite of contipation and have noticed that high fat food eg melted cheese gives me the "Adios" effect and that it appears to be getting worse! For some reason small amounts of cold (half fat) cheese does not do this, and I generally eat a low fat diet.

I think that when my vitamins have been checked and sorted I will continue to feel much better,most of the time. I will push for an increase in Levo as well, as the 25mcg seemed to only cause me to feel better for a few days. I think the feeling rubbisn recentlt may have been a throat infection. Thanks so much for your help.


Just to add that I have never taken Adios.


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