A full on week with plenty of fuss and a wild week-end ahead and my progress with LDN

I have seen the sun twice in the last few days and really enjoyed it!

This has been a mixed week, various little colds around the place have made me react in a flared lupus and all other conditions way.... however having climbed up again on my LDN, - my psoriasis is departing at the rate of knots, two thirds has gone. This has never happened before, probably due to my five profile autoimmune profile of foul things. Iit usually has a mind of it's own, even steroids and tar don't see it off... but this is working a treat. I gave one of the hospitals in London a shock with this, as prior to myself they did not know about LDN and were medically skeptical - however it can't be denied the before and after Mary F road show. - they have now asked for before pictures which I was happy to provide. If only it was 120 years ago, I could have run away and joined the circus as a travelling side show!

However my fatigue has been very bad this week, and mostly my house has been a whirlwind of fuss and activity. The more fatigued I am the worse my sleep. My man was away, and I ended up watching dreadful television in the middle of the night , to distract myself from throbbing joints, and gave myself the total heebie jeebsies, watching a film based on a true story - 'A is for Acid' about the serial killer - Jonathan Haigh who decades back - liked to dissolve his victims in their entirety in large vats of acid. This watched at the dead of night, with twigs scratching on my bedroom window, and my elderly tiger cat paddling rustling plastic bags in the wardrobe. I awoke in the morning and I am afraid it was a case of D is for dreadful and T is for tempers. I should not watch stuff like that, only if 'he' is there.. He is used to being gripped by me in a vice like manner causing him extreme knuckle pain and having half moon indentations of my nails left on the backs of his hands etc.

However he did ring me from abroad and tell me how sunny it was and also to explain that he was flying back home, and going straight out to work again, to teach some students. His answer to my inquiry as to whether all teaching aids were in place, and that everything had been prepared.left me deeply suspicious, as my heavy and very necessary surveillance had been unavailable before he left, as I was in London, but had left instructions.

His even and slightly dismissive tone gave my Ms Marple tendencies cause for concern.. but further probing brought on lots of, it will be fine dear and shoosh shoosh etc. When in our relationship we get as far as ' shoosh shoosh, and yes dear' this is a clear signal that I must be on the highest form of red alert.

I calmly lurched though a normal day of online work, and jobs and house activities, as I waited for what I knew would be an arrival from him with bells on... as suddenly he was un-contactable, after his plane landed. As I killed time waiting, feeling very excited, I was amused and half irritated at the same time to find that my general online and postal profile for all things advertised in my direction - is that I am middle aged, love collecting china birds, frequently order non slip slippers, large double gusseted pants and that indeed I am a man... as I keep being sent the chance to flirt with other woman and meet a wife!

Dead on time.. my husband arrived I can only describe it as an explosion of a man on a mission through the door. He ran in... hair on end.. smiling and kissing me at the same time, and then announced, (this after a night flight with no sleep), that he had 55 minutes to print out 13 packs of information and also burn 13 cd's, also eat his dinner, and to leave the house and be ten miles away looking deeply relaxed and inspirational. Unfortunately the first thing we realized with the first wave of tornado like behaviour was that his phone which contains his entire life and probably me stored on it also... was missing! Our young daughter started ringing it, as he was convinced it was jammed under the car seat - a nice man answered who was not my husband, the phone was ringing roughly 80 miles away, marooned in a motorway coffee bar on the edge of London . A very good Samaritan had it and had kept it safe. My son who was quietly playing a computer game - saw his hair brained father approaching, and knows about his manic wrong button pressing at times like this, and literally stopped him in his tracks. DAD! "I will do it - keep away, don't enter the room" etc.

At this point having shoved a mug of tea in his hand.. I took up residence in the sitting room, my armchair became an island of delicious calm... as a stormy sea of fuss and tantrums went on all around me... I was wrapped up nicely in turquoise blue blanket looking like I was about to be incarcerated in the nearest maximum security twilight rest home. My daughter arranged for the phone to stay safe, and my young son calmly sat and got on with all the printing of papers and cd burning, with my partner banned from the room...

All went well until the printer. ran out of ink... I was of course then informed that I needed to urgently ring a printing shop in the town which had closed one hour earlier. Off he went and ran a very good work shop with a subject matter of relaxation! Later on he appeared looking tired and sheepish, polished off my warmed up dinner, like a man who had lived alone for nearly a week, trying to order food in unintelligible Eastern European tongues. After seeing this off, - despite his obvious tiredness, he put his foot down and went to the pub to collect us some red wine. He then proceeded to entertain me with super charged tales of his latest adventure abroad and I announced that I was going to report him to Channel 4's Super Nanny!

Lovely to have him back, and I was able to report my obvious progress with the LDN, and my daily drinking of what I refer to as horse piss, which is my cider vinegar and honey - I drink this in the mornings with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. I was also happy to fill him in with and details of my self rebellion, and how things get sabotaged.

I am having another go at writing to Dr BDP with the diaries again.. due to how much commuting I do, to various hospitals for myself and the children and my broken nights. and crap health,. this can be difficult to remember to do. My latest round has gone like this... Find thermometer - GONE! Find the emergency thermometer to avoid me avoiding doing it if I lose first one - BROKEN. Buy new one, and then use blood pressure machine - FLAT, go to special secret place where I hide batteries for it, which also are the same size as used for most of my son gaming activities - DISCOVERED and GONE. Remedy all of this, and wake up with bladder like a pricked balloon this morning, having slept through two alarm clocks and FORGOTTEN. Fresh start tomorrow, and finishing off of my letter, in fact, I am not allowed to write another blog until I have finished it all and posted it to Dr BDP.. in fact I want to be asked if you see another blog, if I have done this! No more blogs for at least a week until I have behaved with this, from Mary F aged 12.

Although I am particularly tired at the moment I am very please to have a chink in the diseases with the LDN and of course what I do with Dr BDP, although I will be due another detention I think. The week is going well, my man disappeared again to do work in London and is installed with Dithers in her flat, and also recounting tales of his drinks out with my eldest son in London who has a very interesting night life and tells an interesting tale or two, in between going to college and earning his rent.

yesterday I had a sudden call and Mr Carpets announced he was coming several weeks early to steam my house, we get on very well, and really he is a night time musician It took me years to work out why his mornings started int he afternoon - the carpets just pay the mortgage. I am his agony aunt and we snigger our way through life's trials and tribulations.. I have now known him 12 years and a most strange osmosis has taken place. I realized this yesterday lunch time, as he lay reclined on the sofa having strong coffee and I steamed my own sofas.. I was due to do them anyway... but it amused me no end that he was lying down whilst I did the the steaming. He once did become semi naked in my house by mistake.. and due to our deepening friendship, I have shared, with him a terrible story, of

probably one of the most embarrassing events of my life.. which may be too shocking to be told again, but perhaps it will slip out over time! The house is now steamed from top to toe, just in time to be totally ruined tomorrow.. by a surprise party that has been arranged by my daughter's boyfriend. She knows nothing about it...I have been installed on a secret group on line...and my role is probably to be like Gordon Ramsey and put on the catering.. well, my profile with junk mail appears to be a man! All her friends will arrive in the morning and hide in the local park... and will then burst in for lunch and stay until early evening. I have managed to convince her that she and I are having a photograph shoot together for her 16th in order to prize her out of bed and not be attending her own do with her hair on end, wearing pajamas. So far she has not suspected a thing.. and I am touched that her friends have done this...and on another day, another secret party being planned where she will be whisked away again, she does not know.

So..... what next.. oh yes that letter to Dr BDP..see me after class etc etc, stay in for a detention.. and write your lines - I do keep an eye on it all... BUT..I must get better with posting things off again.

I must do my blood pressure, temperatures and pulses twice a day

I must do my blood pressure, temperatures and pulses twice a day

I must do my blood pressure, temperatures and pulses twice a day

I must do my blood pressure, temperatures and pulses twice a day

I must post the diaries

I must post the diaries

I must post the diaries etc

Mary F x

please: change.org/en-GB/petitions/...

16 Replies

  • Brilliant Mary, I love the picture of you sitting in an oasis of calm with chaos all around! The LDN sounds like its doing the job which is great.

    Please, please do your homework of temps and diaries this week as I will miss your blogs lol.

    Tanya x

  • Ok... but since writing this, I have realized my elderly cat is very board and have started making a tripod with plastic creatures hanging off it for her to bat about! But there will be no more blogs until I have behaved myself. Mary F x

  • Lol, behave you naughty lady ;-) x

  • YES! Mary F x

  • Love it, love it, love it. X

  • Ta xx M x

  • Great blog again Mary, hope your daughter's party goes well. Keep taking the tablets lol x

  • Thanks xxx MF x

  • Absolutely brilliant Mary! Glad you're feeling a bit better.

    PS Where do you get the double gusseted pants - I could do with some!!!!!

    Best wishes


  • I don't get them, somebody must be buying them secretly in the area on my behalf! Or the last owner of this current house.. I am sure SHE would have worn them etc. Mary F x

  • Oh Mary what can I say. I am exhausted reading your blog. What a roller coaster!

    Love Lin X

  • Thanks... having hidden in the garage all morning with my teeth chattering like castanets making party food....secretly.. all is in full swing and I am in bed listening to some nice music with a decent pot of tea! MF x

  • Duvet, tea and Radio 4 eXtra that is what I like. Enjoy!


  • Yes.. well I am on log fires and crap telly now! x

  • I love the Voice which is about as crappy as it gets. By the way what is LDN> x

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