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Soggy log piles and bickering and my progression up the hill with LDN

The weather has been exciting and wild and so have I. I was ready for the intense Arctic blasts. When the wind whistles in through the cat flap we know it is from the East and this triggers our huffy cats to adopt fluffed up trousers and neck ruffs and usually to sit close to unlighted fires in the early mornings, to register their disapproval with such catty shenanigans.

The current scenario of our squabbled over log pile arrangements reached a hilarious crescendo during one particular snow storm. The ancient and sagging canvas put up with over zealous optimism, filled up with sizable snow fall and predictably sagged to such an extent that it was impossible to open our doors to go out and collect the wood. It was last seen in a collapsed heap over the nearest hedge having gone ping during the night earlier in the week. All the logs soaking wet, and even boxes I had popped in the garage as an emergency plan B, had been put outside again. All the kindling I had collected together had also been flung in with some wet wood. I was reduced to drying out logs on the radiators in order to light the fires. The original much loved plan A for our log pile, dismissed as not working due to the roof blowing off due to flimsy plywood - is perhaps beginning to come back into focus. Should we not manage to come to a sensible and working arrangement. I fully intend to cover the sofa in my husband's office with a ground sheet and pile the logs up in there,

Meanwhile due to only have two drum kits in the house to make noise with and trip over, my nephew arrived with this, so for around five days we had three large kits bursting out one room and into the hall. Nobody could get in through the door of one room, and we had to lay a various rugs and carpets over trailing wires, due to various electric pianos and other things linked to computers, being likely to trip up an endless supply of my husband's clients - who turned up despite the weather, apart from the two worst days. I love bad weather and the snow for me is a real treat, I was not well enough to go out in it for long, but I enjoyed some rather naughty sculptures built by my nephew and the children, which hopefully will have shocked most of the neighborhood and acted as a deterrent to those who lack humour, However aside from frightful 6ft snow installations in the garden, we have had non stop live music in the house with snowed in friends in the village coming around to play music with my husband, plus the children and their cousin joining in. Today it has gone quiet, which is nice, but soon I will want the noise back again, this house is full of life, and it does not stay quiet for long.

I have had the odd trip out to town, on one particular day when I had an urge to purchase dark chocolate coated brazil nuts and hide them, with no success, all eaten by everybody in the first ten minutes of their purchase. I hit the area on market day and was rather taken aback to see a stall selling hundreds of electric sit on scooters and also a rather large supply of commodes. I began to think it might be an idea to combine the two things and buy only one. If i ever had such an urge etc.

On the same trip out, and for the second time in a week, I was treated to a special sort of torture that my partner saves up for trips out. It goes like this. He suddenly stops in the car or does a rather violent three point turn and revs towards a particular destination or shop. He then states that I am to hang on, as he needs to spend two minutes somewhere. As he gallops from the car at speed, he then having got out of ear shot, turns and remotely locks car with the car alarm on, and myself left in it. At this point, he makes sure his phone is off. If I move during the time he is away, it sets of screeching alarms, which he ignores, but it brings out everybody in the vicinity to gawp - meanwhile the two minutes turns into twenty as he talks and talks to whoever it is that he has bumped into. During this time I normally decide that I need to go to the ladies or feel a terrible itch coming on.

My progression with LDN is ok... I am no better yet, but no worse, which for me on a drug is quite impressive, and my latest allergic flare to the antibiotics was marginally improved. Next week, I will climb up a bit on the dose. I am still maintaining gluten free, and my usual healthy diet, and I have doubled up my oily fish intake beyond the daily supplements. My two youngest are not so well currently so lots of teaching at home and more trips to hospital, but I am full of optimism for some good outcomes for myself on the LDN, being in effect the family guinea pig!

I am overdue with those diaries again for Dr BDP so must post them off and hope some difference can be seen. I still very much suit the nutri adrenal extra and the nutri thryoid. I am feeling extremely excited about upping my LDN dose and will watch carefully for any small signs of improvement. I am glad I took the trip to Glasgow, to enable this overdue experiment being done - with some sound medical backing. Which will fit with other hospital clinics I attend! It took me so long to get my care back in London... that I did not want to jeopardize being AWOL with self ordering and prescribing

Today is a day to scrub my kitchen and curse it, alongside endless phone answering minus the cursing!

Mary F

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MaryF I am so excited about your new journey on LDN, my father started it just before Christmas and he had small improvements immediately from day 1, the first noticeable one was for him to sleep longer than usual which is great as he used to wake up every 1.5 hours! now he manages to have a stretch of 3 to 5 hours! Only 2 days ago he slept until 6am which is really unusual for him!

Also with his COPD his Sats have NEVER EVER been above 84% without his oxygen, but now they reach 90%!!!!!

when he went up in dose 3 weeks ago he started getting some sweating at night which made it difficult for him to sleep, however I told him to 'persevere' and sure enough the sweating is now reducing to not much.

He's due to go up to 4.5mg on the 27th of this month.

I think you will benefit from it, can't wait to hear your improvements x


Thanks, the first 8 days I had terrible headache and insomnia worse than usual and that passed... I am on a minute dose, lower than most due to my five diseases and their over active behaviour..I have noticed a slight improvement in brain fog... and maybe I recovered from my last infection and severe allergy a tad quicker. I know it is not a quick fix, and as always I take a great pride in a good diet and the right supplements, there is no magic wand.. well it has not arrived yet, although on order, and thanks. Mary F x


yes the headaches and insomnia are some of the most common transient side effects, well done for sticking with it :)


Thanks, I do have staying power... and was well read before embarking on this. I am also getting good online back up from the clinic, as my circumstances with the 5 disease profile are a tad unusual. Cheers, I hope your father peps up. Mary F x


Brilliant, so good to hear you ok on LDN and slight improvement now after initial awefulness! Thank you for relaying your daily life with so much humour and providing us with lots of giggles . Look forward to your next instalment. x


Oh goody.. I should have written sooner than this, but all my spare time has been taken up drying large wood piles! Mary F x Grrrrrr etc


Heat blog again Mary, glad the LDN is making a mark, hope it continues. Enjoy the snow we may have some more to come yet.


ta x


Sorry should have said Great, don't know how I put heat ( must be the cold weather) lol


and ta again! Mary F x


Oh mary, i do hope LDN continues to work for you.As usual, you've cheered me up! I've had a bad week-A and E for asthma attack and terrible infection. Injected with antibiotics, put on drip and on big steroids.GP told me today, I will have to ween myself off prednisolone very slowly due to my 'funny body'! Glad she could have such a laugh anyway! In bed, feeling very very spaced out and strange in the head!! that is, stranger than usual.

Keep writing!!


Oh poor you, it sounds dreadful it really does.. please get well soon, and thanks for nice feedback M x


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