What results do I ask my Doctor to provide for me following thyroid function and full bloods tests?

After years of awful symptoms, I am trying to get to the bottom of it. Both my parents are hypothyroid and I am starting to think I am affected too. I have just had full bloods taken hoping for an answer but my Doctor says they are all normal except for my liver function which is slightly out but not to worry about that. I am getting ready to ask the Doctor to break down the components of the tests. What should I ask if I really want to check whether my thyroid is at the bottom of this? I have also been told in the past that I had problems with my vitamin B12 levels and malabsorption and I have suffered for years with Iritis. What results do I need to get from my Doctor to help me explore this myself? Thank you

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  • What you have to do is get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests and post them again (together with the ranges) and someone will comment. Unfortunately, GP's seem to be unaware of the clinical symptoms and do not relate them to a hypo problem and diagnose by the TSH only. Always keep a copy of your blood tests for your own files.

    Vit B12 is essential and should be towards the top of the range. We can supplement with B12 methylcobalamin.

    Vit D - many are deficient and should be given a prescription for Vit D3 or supplement yourself.

    Also ask for ferritin, folate and iron to be checked.

    As blood tests are expensive it appears if your TSH is within normal range they will not do T3 or T4 and only do TSH.

    You can get a range of thyroid gland blood tests through private laboratories and this is a link - cursor down to testing and press the appropriate link


  • Thank you. Klicker

  • Hi First make sure you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 done., essential then if any low, if GP will not treat you, quite likely research a good endo. A good endo always ,like any good consultants, uses symptoms, how you feel and bloods to diagnose and treat. If not doing a an endo, who should do the other tests, then you need a diabetic test, autoimmune and hormonal ,very similar symptoms to start with. Vit iD, hormonal, not really a vit at all. If low a corrected calcium test before treatment, then retest both after 3 months on treatment vit D treatment can put calcium above range, if so, it has to be stopped immediately. B12 and Folic acid and especially Ferritin/iron, often low and can make you feel rough.

    I hope that helps.


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  • Thanks Jackie. Feeling very rough just now, major sore throat, aching limbs, streaming eyes and everything is too much effort. I am just starting to try to research this myself so that I can have a conversation with my doctors rather than get chased all the time, or referred to mental health services. I am aiming towards trying to get a referral to an Endo. Klicker

  • Yes, do gather all the info, the "in " thing at the moment seems to be "psyches"

    I hoe you feel well enough soon, to sort out GP and thyroid.Make a list for yourself, I would not mention the WEB, some times you will get a bad reaction!


  • Having read various comments here I would like to know more about ferritin. My husband wanted to have his ferritin tested as he had read that a low ferritin level could affect Restless Legs Syndrome, which he suffers very badly with. The GP said his iron levels were fine when last tested but when my husband said it was the ferritin that he'd like tested she said that he was getting confused - that ferritin was iron. I know this isn't anything to do with the thyroid and I apologize for this but the mention of ferritin got me going. Can you clear this confusion please? Thanks.


  • Will follow up. Thank you.

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