Hi I am new to this site and would really appreciate your guidance. I have been on levothyroxine now for about 10 years, currently 150mg. During all of this time I have never felt well

I could literally sleep for England and have never ever woken feeling refreshed. If I have any spare time I sleep and every few weeks will sleep 24 hours solid - not ideal for a working mother

I have really thin hair and nails, cannot lose any weight unless I eat less than 500 calls a day and have a constant low level headache. More recently I began having the most horrific sweats which literally leave me soaking wet. I initially thought this was my age but I am on Hrt. Someone suggested it could be my thyroid so I am going to ask for a blood test. My doctor is quite dismissive about my condition and doesn't tell me much or explain what my results mean so I would appreciate your guidance on exactly what I should be asking for to ensure a thorough blood test. Hopefully I can then post them here and get your opinion. Many thanks.

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  • Hi Janm51 and welcome to the forum. The NHS won't test the imporant thyroid hormone T3, but you can ask your doctor to test TSH and T4. It's also important to get your Ferritin, Folate, Vitamin D3 and B12 levels checked.

    You are entitled to copies of these blood test results, so when available, post them here with the ranges (in brackets after your test result) and members will advise.

  • Depends where you are, we always routinely get T3 tested.

  • That's good to hear ☺ Sorry for any confusion. Where are you bantam12

  • Somerset

  • Thanks for the info bantam12 but I am wondering whether this will continue as it seems most areas are stopping T3 prescriptions and only offering Levothyroxine, so curious as to the reason to check T3.

    Do Somerset still prescribe T3?

  • In places, my husband still gets his from the GP and that won't change for him as he has other serious health issues and the doctors accept that he must have T3.

  • Thanks so much Musicmonkey and I'll post results as soon as I get them

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