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couldn't go through with the biopsy they sprung on me!

I had my thyroid scan today and I was already very very anxious prior to this and nearly didn't attend, then they told me they wanted to do another fna as they haven't done one in a while, I was so ill and anxious that I declined, I had not had anything to eat and I felt weak as it was, now im home I feel so silly and wish I had it done, will they offer me anymore?.

I have regular check ups every 6 months and I will be seeing my endo im sure he will have a go cause I never had it done, but if he treated me I would feel well enough to go through it!

The thing is when I had my last fna they decided there wasn't enough to go by that and went by the scan anyway.

I really wish now that I had it done, I feel a wolly now :( x

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Doctors don't appear to understand the fragility of people who are unwell and all these tests cause them so much stress.

As you say 'if he treated me I would feel well enough to go through with it". I hope he is sympathetic when you consult him next. Just be honest and say you were too unwell.


Hi For nodules, the correct treatment is a biopsy, It does not take long and routine. Just think, that it is better to find it if on the slim chance something is wrong, then it can be treated. I need 4 biopsies on various nasties at the moment. It is a big handicap that it is too dangerous for me to have them as I am too ill. So, we do not know what we are dealing with.. A biopsy gives a definite diagnosis.

Try and look upon it like that as can only be a good thing and very quick.

Best wishes,




I'm not surprised you didn't want your FNA. I had one done following a CT scan that found calcified nodules on my right Thyroid lobe. The FNA was done without a local aneasthetic and it was absolute agony. I had tears streaming down my face because of the pain and it made me feel quite ill.

Can you contact your specialist and explain your position? I would if I was you then you're not worrying unnecessarily.


I was ill after my biopsy didn't feel well, when I explained this to the guy that wanted oto do the biopsy he looked baffled and said it wouldn't of been the biopsy, well hello I was fine untill then, yesterday I was so riddled with anxiety I couldn't go through with it :( x


It isn't a very nice procedure however, it does give doctors a more in-depth accurate picture of what's going on inside. And reassures you about possible cancer. Feeling stressed is part of being hyper, so consider getting a valium the next time a procedure is going to be done and then treat yourself to a lovely facial afterwards...x


ps it didn't hurt, the doctor was wonderful and the nurse held my hand. If only childbirth had been that easy! x


I must admit I felt ill after the biopsy.

I'm a diabetic and I've struggled to get my blood sugars under control for the 4 years since my diagnosis. I have the FNA, my blood sugars were in the normal range, and hey ho they're through the roof and I felt really ill. They've still not come down now and I had the FNS on the 18th January, this year and then all the other tests and finally a right lobe Thyroidectomy to remove vf papillary cancer.

I wouldn't want to go through with a FNA again, so I know how you feel.


I would only have a biopsy if I knew I would accept whatever treatment was offered if they found something nasty. Since I know I wouldn't, I refuse biopsy. Don't know if thyroid biopsy can cause needle track seeding, but it can in some other areas.


Nichola, I understand you being worried, especially if you have a previous bad experience.

I had an FNA with ultrasound, no anaesthetic - and it didn't hurt. They found that my nodule was suspect (they usually cannot tell if it's cancer with an FNA 'tho just if it's a risk, as it just gets bits not whole cells, I believe.) I then had a partialT op - and I'm glad I did, I hated the thought there was a dodgy lump in my neck. Thankfully it was benign, also my feelings of anxiety disappeared - I think the nodule was creating these (however I am still getting some palps now, but not the horrible 'doom' feelings).

So if you can muster up the courage, perhaps it's worth trying again, better safe than sorry? Jane :D xx


did you have to go on meds after you had it removed? x


No I was told the other half usually compensates ("like having one kidney") 2 and a half years on I suppose it has, but I am struggling with Hypo symptoms (especially tired, cold and foggy) my TSH has not gone above 5.24 (range 3.5 to 5.5) so still untreated.

Jane :D


Hi, please don't worry, I had the biopsy, and believe me I am a wimp, but, it didn't hurt at all! And it was over in no time. I did end up needing a lobectomy, and then eventually I had a total thyroidectomy, but this may not be the case for you. Just tell yourself you need to do this to get it all sorted. Best wishes.


Hello,i am borrowing the thread.Does anyone know how to get a thyroid scan in the first place;do u have to have specific symptoms(like tender neck or such?)i dont have neck symptoms but have had untreated hashis/hypothyroid for many years and my aunt had thyroid cancer.i did read in a book 'the thyroid solution' sonething about getting it checked if it in the family...


Nicola. You can ask for something to help the anxiety, really, you need to discuss it before you get another appointment. Find out who is going to do this, contact their secretary (ring the hospital/clinic and ask) and ask for an appointment to discuss some possible medication and your anxiety prior to any appointment.


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