What would be the medication more people have had the best results from?

I am keen to learn about the thyroxine / armour choices, I am visiting GP on friday and the odds are I am going to get ZERO help, but I will be positive and I want to ask for a trial on thyroid meds. Are GP's likely to pescribe armour or is this just crazy thinking ? lol, If there was an option, or for those of you who have tried both, what works best? My T3 and T4 are both at the bottom of the healthy ranges and my TSH 2.59 , which is obviously bad enough for me to feel wretched, but not as extreme as some people. What do we think?

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  • Hi Sounds like you need T4 and free T3, T3 slightly lowers the TSh but yours could accept that.Normally we need FT3 near the top of range and T4 top third. It is very early days, usually start on Levo ( T4) and then re test 6 weeks. It should all be done slowly for safety. So, takes a while. My good endo`s first choice is T4 and Free T3, then if not suitable, allergies etc then NDT, but that is normally only available on a private script. unless very lucky with GP.Last choice T3 on its own. These are common choices with good endo`s.Ideally 6 weekly tests with rises if needed, until stable, then 6 months, but a lot of GP`s then insist on a year, Not good enough, costs! If that is the case and you find you are "off", always ask for another test.T3 always needs splitting 12 hours apart, not easy tiny,

    Also make sure you later have Vit D,( hormonal) if low calcium (must always be in range), iron/Ferritin, B12 add Folic acid( hormonal, autoimmune) diabetes, hormonal and autoimmune, same symptoms initially as thyroid disease

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  • Thanks Jackie, this is really useful. I'm getting accustomed with some of the medications etc, but its a massive task in terms of a, trying to convince the doctor to believe you are bad enough to warrant hypothyroid diagnosis, and b, getting them to pescribe the best treatment for your needs. Pigs and flying come to mind :-)

  • Hi Yes, We have all been there. I was 20years getting treatment . Found out recently that my then GP had been told my my renal specialist but ,no copies of letters then, so I never knew.

    Fight if necessary, correct treatment.vital.Best to get the GP to sort it at this stage if not better or GP not helping, then ask for a referral to an endo. Make sure a good one.

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  • just a quick thought.....if your gp is negative ....why not ask him/her if they are specialists in this field --and if not request [ as is your right ] for a referral to a specialist for specific diagnosis....lol alan

  • This seems to be the obvious option alan, but i have read quite a few posts where people who have done this end up with the area endo who equally sticks with the 'suggested ranges' and says they are fine, or diagnoses M.E. or C.F.S.

    Worry about being diagnosed as M.E after last visit with doc who ignored my iffy blood results and symptoms and said post viral fatigue (from flu, xmas 2010???) or M.E.

  • I would say to start with thyroxine - it suits most people, is cheap, and most doctors are very familiar with it. Also if it works, you only need to take it once a day.

    Only if you then appear to have a conversion problem/resistance problem would I recommend Armour or T3. They are more expensive, particularly T3 and doctors are less au fait with them and they require multi dosing. Also Armour is unlicensed and you have to find a doctor who is happy with that...

    However, if thyroxine doesn't work for you then that is different of course :D xxx

  • Right, good plan and fingers crossed gp will make the start for me then :) armour not looking very likely whatever though unless I step into the realms of self medicating if all else fails. Thanks for advice Clarebear xx

  • No harm in asking for a trial of thyroxine to see if it helps with symptoms - good luck :) xx

  • i don't wont to quote the obvious ,but, you can ALWAYS request from your gp a second opinion from outside your trust area that has NO reference to your endo/gp etc. and WILL TREAT YOU FROM SCRATCH........just do your research for the best trust that you can get to ----------WE ALL HAVE THIS RIGHT TO INSIST ON THIS REFERAL===YOUSE THEIR RULES FOR YOUR BENEFIT========then 'maybe' we will all get the correct treatment that we are all ENTITLED TO .....without the fudgeing that we have to put up with......REMEMBER YOU CAN ----AND I AM CERTAIN ----THAT YOU WILL DO THIS======BECAUSE YOU DEFINATELY CAN.....<<<<HUGS & LOL >>>>>ALAN

  • Ah, Alan, I think I misunderstood you before, many apologies ! This is really helpful and I think definitely worth a try. Do I have to be brave and verbally ask the go, or can I formally write to my practise requesting this ? It's awful how nervous we become standing up to doctors lol. Thanks again, it's sinking in now x

  • sorry for the delay in the reply,but,other things happening, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU AND ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH YOUR HEALTH/BODY/PSYCEE/FEELINGS etc.-----YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL even if [as I assume by your blogs] that you do not want your gp to 'not like you'-----remember that to him/her YOU are only one of a number of 1000's on their list-------YOU NEED TO START INSISTING TO HOOOOOSOEVER what will be acceptable to you and when it is done -----if not YOU WILL QUESTION and if necessary take it further=====this is the ONLY way that YOU will get the correct treatment that YOU are entitled to......NONE OF US ARE JUST A NUMBER =======I am certain that you are better than your gp in other area's but you just don't know it yet....we all are........me personally I have a latent talent that can only be used the way that I use it [ never for profit , but , I can sleep and walk down the road with my head held HIGH knowing that I have tried/succeded [sometimes] and helped someone else that will always remember.........pls accept my apologeees for going on a bit but take care lots of <<<<hugs>>>and LOL ....I am sure you will get there -----keep pushing

  • I will Alan, this is a lovely support group/ community and it's really helping me too feel strong and supported. Alan you should be a life coach, you are very positive and encouraging, and I for one appreciate it ! :-) x

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