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Saturday Night Fever

OK, so I am in one of those times that happens only once or twice a year when I feel good, am getting things done and my brain feels like it's working. I've caught up on tasks that seemed overwhelming earlier in the week. I've laughed on the phone with a friend. I've done some creative writing etc etc.

Have I found a miracle cure? I wish! No I have a cold - coughing, sneezing, nose running. Aside from these minor irritations and the need to start yet another box of tissues I feel 'normal'. This is the old me.

It happens every time I get a cold - the old, functioning me comes back to visit!

Is it the cold meds - not that I am taking much? Or is it something to do with the fact that my temp is now 37 or just over? A whole degree higher than I manage most days. This is not a 'fever' in the sense any medical person would recognise but clearly a raise in temp for me. Or does my thyroid just get its act together when the body is fighting something off?

Doubtless I shall be recovered in a few days and feeling awful again! Hey ho....

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A very interesting observation.

Wondering, just what are you taking for your cold?

(Normally, when someone has a cold,you tend to hope they get better soon, but... )



Hi Rod

Not that much - just an occasional H&B echinacea cold relief tablet. Other brands of echinacea cold relief never have any effect and don't seem to work for me.

Hope it isn't these that are doing good because they are now no longer being produced and I am down to my last strip!

The only difference I can see with these is that they have some licorice root extract in them as well as the fillers all the others seem to have, but only a very small amount I think?

Maybe I'll be able to catch another cold soon!!!!

Sniff, sniff...



The obvious thing for me to suggest, though with your being down to so few left I could understand reluctance to do so, is try taking one when you do not have a cold.



If it might be the licorice root extract, perhaps get some of that to see if it helps. It's supposed to help with cortisol levels. Perhaps that is what's happening. Just a though ;)


That is very interesting. When my joints were very bad (some days I could barely walk they were so stiff, painful and inflamed) I always found they were better when I had a cold. I wondered if perhaps my body stopped attacking itself when it had something else to fight, like a virus.

Now that I am on NDT instead of levothyroxine, the joint pain is very much better and I haven't noticed quite such an extreme improvement on having a cold.

I'm with Rod on this one; I want to wish you a speedy recovery but I know you will feel worse when that happens :(

Take care

Carolyn x


Hi. Glad it's not just me!

Interesting idea about my body taking time off from attacking itself. My hypo problems don't seem to be autoimmune - or at least that is what I was told - but I do have autoimmune neutropenia leaving me with very low white blood cell count. Perhaps the same effect is happening with that?

Anyway off to make the most of this illness while I can before I just have the one that the thyroid meds have 'under control'! ;)

Sandi x


That is very interesting. I also have neutropenia on every blood test, but because the rest of my white blood cells are fine, they don't seem concerned.

I do wonder whether autoimmune conditions can improve once the immune system is occupied elsewhere, but I don't really know enough about it. Time for some reading, methinks :)


for goodness sake be careful what you say you'll be burnt at the stake for doing your own research : D

I also have low WBC and read yesterday that sertraline can cause this, I have reduced my dose from 100 to 50.


Just browsing looking for info on liquorice and found an interesting bit of info. Evidently the rule of thumb is that supplements that raise WBC should be avoided if you have autoimmune problems.

Well now I am confused since my autoimmune condition is autoimmune neutropeania! Maybe too much reading isn't a good thing! :)


Hmmm. That is interesting! Licorice also raises cortisol, which should help to prevent allergies, reactions, inflammation etc. It will also make you feel better if your cortisol is low. This is a very confusing issue, lol. It's making me giddy!


I also posted about feeling better when having a cold - darn if I can find it 'tho (as usual) I noticed that being warmer, with a 'fever' helps aches & pains etc.- weird but true!

I've since been reading Broda Barnes' book (1976) and he held no respect for so-called new fandangled blood tests - one thing, if you're permanently cold (if you take your basal, at rest, temperature it will be a few degrees lower than normal) indicates HypoT. Your bones can't produce blood cells properly, leading to low iron for starters (demonstrated with a rather sad experiment on a rat, which I won't go into).

Don't know if its the medicine we take for colds either, could be - I think I took Sudafed last time (not recommended for HyperT apparently - I didn't know, but as Hypo I suppose it was OK) funny thing was 'tho - I've had a high TSH since my partialT op 2.5 years ago (with symptoms) the day after it tested 'normal' at 1.69, Hmmm.... Of course I was dismissed from post-op monitoring as a result, funny how 5 high TSH results are ignored but one low result means I'm normal now! (despite symptoms) Jane :D


Im reading these posts with interest, hoping to get a snotty nose soon!

Please forgive me if this is a dumb question but, how many different hypothyroidism s are there? I thought you either had hypothyroid or hypothyroid/Hashimotos!

Is one worse than the other in your opinion?

Finally, as I have h/hash. will Hashimotos eventually 'kill' off the thyroid, and if so how long does this take?'

Thank you. I have bought the books and read bits at a time but NOTHING is staying in the old brain. :(



Hi. My brain feels the same way - once I think I've got it sorted then someone posts something and I think oops still not got it!

I think it is hypothyroid as autoimmune i.e.. Hashimotos or hypothyroid as 'we have no idea and why does it matter why anyway?'! I still have no answer as to why I am hypothyroid and no med person seems interested in the cause.

Having said all that you would be better asking those with more experience. Why not put your post in as a question? I'm sure lots of others would be interested in the responses who might not have looked at this thread.


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