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At the med centre again

Had to visit gp again today, could not get my temp up from 35.1 35.6.

My extremities were that cold, banging headache and feeling as if something stuck in my throat.

She could feel swelling as well and I am going to have a scan on my throat, it's only taken years to get this far, at least she didn't say here have some antidepressants and will send you for some therapy,

Full bloods as well, I am low but that's just because it's one thing after the other, meneries disease, ostioporosis, menopause, arthritus, gluten intolerance , the list goes on and on.

I just want to feel normal again and have relationships with my amazing husband.

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I could be listening to my own story here... Are you on T3 or NDT?


Hi jacquikent, thanks for response, my gp does not test for t3 so no, what's ndt, I was told hashimotos autoimmune 4 years ago menopausal that was that take these goodbye, only ever seen one endo and then moved, she was not much help either, blood pressure felt my neck yep 50 mg levo, off you go, this new gp,I am seeing is wonderful cannot do enough, someone mentioned having my adrenal checked, have you had that. 4 years I have been like this, and I am suffering badly only 51 feel about 90, I am going to stop hrt see what that does. So many people out there who are needlessly suffering its not fair.


Scampi, have you got any blood test results to share with us? (With ranges.) If you're only on 50 Levo, you're probably Under-dosed. At least, that's what the low températures are saying!

If you have Hashi's, the low thyroid isn't just because 'it's one thing after another', it's because you have Hashi's. Which is slowly destroying your thyroid gland and making you more and more hypo. Getting your thyroid levels optimised could help a lot of those 'things'.

Hugs, Grey


You must like vodka with the name of grey goose,


Absolutely not! I hate vodka. The name came from a poem.


Sorry, I thought I put my results on here but they have not shown.m


Nov 2014 tsh 0.33 (22-42). T4 22.9 (12.22) no eastrogen

Sept 2014 tsh 2.10 (0.40-4.00) t416.5 (12.22)

Aug 2014 tsh 2.56 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.7 (12.22)

July 2014 tsh 2.56 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.7 (12.22)

July 2014 tsh6.74 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.1 (12.22)

Feb 2014 tsh 2.16 (0.40-4.00) t4 15.6 (12.22)

Nov 2013 tsh 3.02 (0.40-400) t4 13.8 (12.22)

My results for one year been on it 4 thank you for looking.


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