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Temperature noticed something odd!

So I'm currently taking my temp twice a day ahead of my visit to Dr P this week and I've noticed something odd.

Generally my temp is fine and I have to say if anything I find I feel hotter rather than cold which is odd considering I have virtually every other Hypothyroid symptom.

However I've noticed my temp fluctuates between 36.4 -36.8 most days and if anything it seems my higher temps are in the morning and lower in the evening.

That in itself seems odd as everything else states temps should be lower in the morning and higher in the evening but I've also noticed if I take my temp and then take it as I'm standing it will drop as much as a whole degree. I've tried this a few times as I thought it might have been a dodgy reading but it does it every time.

Don't know if this is relevant and I will mention to Dr P but didn't know if anyone else experienced this.

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Hi Munchlet. .it's Lozzer....actually those temperatures are quite good ...P said that when we are hypo (especially for years of untreated/unmedicated )we may never get to the optimal 37* ..I can't comment on the sat down/standing up thing ...I've just tried and mine stayed the same!..I wonder if it is an adrenal fatigue thing..I know with adrenal fatigue blood pressure changes on standing so I wounder if temperature can change also?..just thinking out loud lol!...I'm sure P will explain..!Mine is also higher in morning 36.2 than evening (35.8-36.0) so i would be interested to see why (if as you say ot should be higher in the evening) that is ...could you let me know what he says and how you get on?.Also in mid afternoon my temperature can get the highest of all the day (36.3-36.4) have you taken yours then or did P say take twice a day?good luck with appointment :)


Thanks Lozzer I did wonder if it was similar to the BP thing and Adrenal fatigue so will ask. I will also ask the higher in the morning question as I'm intrigued! Will let you know what he says. He only said twice a day so haven't checked afternoon but might do just out of curiosity. :)

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Good luck with Dr P. Please let us know whether he says lower temperature in evening is due to adrenals fatigue.. or? Am afraid do not know much about temperature. I still have a great deal to learn thanks to wonderful members of this forum.

Best wishes



My temp is always lower in the evening and Dr P said it's to do with the adrenals. I haven't tried taking it standing up. The highest it's ever got in the morning, since taking medication, is 36.6. Before medication it never rose above 35.6


Thanks Trixie I think it might be too. It will be interesting to get Dr P's advice.


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