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Why do I feel better for a day after flu than I felt weeks before flu? (thinking out loud)

Just had normal flu, stuffed nose and a bit higher temperature but not fever. Got ill on Saturday night and now it is the first day feeling better. My temp throughout the flu was 35.4-36.7, today still 36.4 and I feel better than I usually do. If it goes like it usually goes tomorrow my temp will drop below 36 and I will feel shitty for weeks.

A bit higher temperature seems to do something on cellular level, I am not just fighting the flu, but something else happens too. Clearly this proves that low body temp (35.5-36) I have had for years is culprit. Low body temp, even though doctors might say low body temp is normal is not healthy state, at least not for me.

Three days is relatively short time so I am not feeling superb, but for example my muscles feel better, like I would have cleared off all lactic acid and whatever has built up.

I have low t3 and a year ago I also had relatively high rt3 compared to t3. rt3 was nicely in range, but t3 being so low the ratio is bad, worst actually. I wonder if a flu, with or without fever helps to clear off rt3 too and allows that little bit t3 to enter cellular level relieving symptoms for a moment? Or is it just a coincidence? Is it just the other stuff helping me to feel slightly better? For a brief moment my body seems to work and fight whatever shit has build up during the years.

I am not often sick as I avoid sick people like a plague, but this year I have had flu 3 times now. Naturally falling ill too often taxes your body and this is not the optimal way to feel a bit better.

So just thinking out loud wondering what causes me to feel almost good the first day after flu.

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Justiina, illness usually makes T3 drop to slow us down. I don't think it is a coincidence though, someone else posted recently that she felt better when she had a flu/cold with higher temperature.


Cool, then I am not crazy :D

I wonder if it similar than the effect of infra red sauna. It causes fever like reaction in cellular level which might help to clear off some toxin build up in muscles etc caused by low t3 as you have low metabolism.

Oh well. I might not never get an answer to it.


I didn't say you weren't crazy, Justiina ;)

If you get that feel good effect from an infra red sauna maybe you should have more saunas?



No I do not have infra red sauna nor access to one but I have read it would be beneficial getting rid of toxins. Would love to try it!

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I have read that many biochemical/enzyme reactions in the body are temperature dependent. For people who normally have a very low body temperature, a slight increase in temperature because of illness may make the body work better than usual.

I often feel a bit more with it when I think I have a bit of a cold or some other virus.

Try googling "temperature dependent biochemical reactions" or "temperature dependent enzyme reactions". Lots of results come up for either query.


Thanks! :)


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