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Will the following holiday vaccinations effect my thyroid?

Hello everyone,

I wondered if someone could advise me as to whether any of these vaccinations would have a detrimental effect on my thyroid, I'm hypothyroid on currently taking 125mg.

I'm planning to head to Suriname in South America and have read online that I need the following;

Hepatitis A or immune globulin

Hepatitis B (which I had years ago so may need a booster)


Yellow fever


May need malaria tablets depending on what part I go to.

Any help or advice will be gratefully received!


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You might need to check further about yellow fever as it is a caution for people with auto immune or are immunocompromised. The others should be fine but it's always wise to check with your gp on your specific medical history. Happy travelling!!


Hi nursery, thanks for your reply! I will look into yellow fever and get more info....my GP is less than useful unfortunately so I've been looking it up myself and this forum is always so helpful :)

Thanks again!


I do lots of travel consultations in my job but it's always wise to check your individual needs. The 'fit for travel' website is a good source of info too. Your practice nurse will probably know more than the gp!!


Maybe have a look here:




Hi I went to Mexico a couple of years ago and had hepatitis A and B, Typhoid and YellowFever vaccinations. These were done with my GP. I never even thought to ask if they would affect me. (At the time taking 100 levo). But no side affects or anything and had the best holiday in a long time. But definitely check before you go ahead and have a good holiday.


I'm afraid that the results of not having the vaccines, in other words getting any of those diseases whould be catastrophic. Unfotunately you need them.


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