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I am due to go on holiday to Morocco in 6 weeks time and am wondering whether I should have any vaccinations prior to going. I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 4 years ago (just over borderline) then had an official diagnosis of hypothyroid 1 year ago. My doctors gave me Levo but dosed according to TSH 😡 So I self medicate with Thiroid.

I am an avid follower of the VaXxed group in America and I am very reluctant to have unnecessary vaccinations especially with 2 auto immune diseases.

I will be staying all inclusive in a 5 star hotel & maybe only venturing offsite to go to the beach or a walk along the promenade. I know to only drink bottled water & use the same for brushing teeth etc, so should be low risk.

Has anyone else been to Morocco & did you need vaccinations? If so which ones?

I am being very cautious as I have heard some horror stories about people with auto immune diseases having serious complications as a result of vaccines.

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  • Quite a few years ago, I spent some time abroad. The only time I fell ill was in a five-star hotel - from the food. :-(

    Everywhere else such as street vendors, little local cafes and restaurants, was fine. :-)

  • I visited many years ago - without vaccinations. Lots of natural treatments to support the gut ..... sorry brain gone to sleep at the moment - its bedtime here in Crete.

  • Hi,thanks for your comment, please could you elaborate on the natural treatments that support the gut

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract for one - there must be others. You can sterilise your toothbrush with it too !!

    Keep it away from your thyroid meds though 😊

  • I've visited Marrakech a few times always staying in the same 5 star hotel, but not usually eating there. The first time I got several vaccinations (typhoid, tetanus, cholera, polio and I think yellow fever, because I was very over-cautious in those days) and remember feeling awful, sick all over and also out of it, for a few days afterwards, so did my husband. In fact I felt so awful that I swore never to get any more vaccinations ever!

    On that trip I caught a stomach bug and was ill for weeks, but didn't get any treatment and I think that has led to a lot of my current health problems. So if you do get a stomach upset make sure you treat it, but don't be afraid to eat the local food because it's very good. I'm sure you already know to make sure that your bottled water is still sealed and that only you open it, no matter where you're eating!

    On the trips since then I've never bothered to get any vaccinations and I've been just fine. I now won't travel anywhere which requires them. I hope you have a great trip, Morocco is a fabulous country :)

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. I have looked at the links in the first post but am very wary of everything 'pushed' by the medical profession .....refuse to take statins & will never have the flu caused my husbands polymyalgia 3 years ago....he was pessimistic that the flu jab was the initial cause, but after having it under complete control, he had a really bad flare up the day after he had the last flu jab, he is still really badly affected 5 months later...he will never have the flu jab again.

    I am not completely anti-vaccine but am very wary of the unknown reaction I might have that could have lasting consequences

  • If you google Holiday in Morrocco , vaccinations many sites come up.

  • Katomum Aside from vaccinations be very careful over hand hygiene - i.e handling money and then eating something you have handled before washing your hands i.e market fruit etc. I know this is generally good advice but in some countries it becomes a necessity.

    I know of a young couple who got seriously ill in Marakech 3/4 years ago - they were of the 'street food' culture which seems to be thing now, though in some countries I know it is very safe to do so (Singapore etc). However, she was so ill that she was hospitalised and for those who have more of a sensitivity to gut infection it is not to be taken lightly - i.e 'oh a few bugs won't harm you'! When you Google food poisoning for some countries there are often clues as to how meticulous you should be.

  • I agree with the comments about getting sick from eating at '5 star' hotels. I have travelled a lot and the only time I have come down with stomach problems / illness is when I've eaten at well known hotels or eaten 'western' food (fish and chips, burgers) in places where this cuisine is unusual.

    If you are in cities and sensible (e.g. Don't take ice in drinks, only have bottled water) you should be OK, if you plan on going out into the countryside you might need to be more cautious.

    Re street food / 'local' eateries, if it is busy with lots of lots of local customers then in my experience it is lower risk. We ate from one of the snail stalls in the main square in Marrakech as well as lots of busy small eateries and were fine.

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