Has anyone tried Desiccated Thyroid Glandular Supplements from Nutri Meds in the USA?

I wanted to know as I'm not sure if they are the real thing or a similar supplement to the Nutri Advanced tabs I have. Also they offer bovine or porcine so which would be best. Any help gratefully received as always.

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  • You mean the ones by Nutri-Meds (USA) as opposed to Nutri Ltd (UK)? I have, when Armour first became unavailable and there was a mad rush to get anything, I tried that. I wasn't impressed. It didn't do much for me. Although at least it didn't give me stomach ache like the Nutri Thyroid I bought from Nutri Ltd. I think the Nutri-Med ones contain hormone, although it doesn't say so on the label, otherwise they couldn't sell over-the-counter.

    However, I very much liked Nutri-meds glandular adrenal. Last time I tried to buy it, they wouldn't let me buy it from the US, said I had to go through a British company, but when I checked them out, they have changed the formula for both Thyroid and Adrenal and have added vitamins and minerals - can't remember the details. Personally, I don't like that idea, so I didn't buy them, but maybe I'm just being difficult. It's just that I like to take control of my own suppliments and not have them foist upon me.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi Grey, are these tablets like Armour or are they a poor mans version eg. do you actually take such a small dose its not worth the effort. I am on Levo and looking for a solution like we all are to feeling better and hoped they may help.

    Many thanks


  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, but I took it as my main thyroid hormone replacement for a while. But, as I said, it didn't help much. No way of knowing how much of which hormones it contains, if any.

  • You used to be able to get it, but now they won't ship to the UK. Their UK suppliers now do a different version for the EU - which contains iodine and is basically not much good. And it was great!

    Nutri thyroid is available in the UK, but I haven't tried it.

    IHerb.com are now doing Nutri-meds some adrenal products (and they do Thyro-gold) so it might be worth asking them. And they ship to the UK.

  • The EU is a pain in the .****. Thanks for that, I will keep looking lol. I am trying Nutri Thyroid as the moment and not feeling any benefit. x

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