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Bovine Thyroid Health by Nutri-Meds


Does anyone take these? I have just starting taking the 130mg capsules, having been on levothyroxine for 18 years and never feeling great. My last dose was 100mcg which had more recently been reduced from a long term dose of 125mcg. I'm wondering how much of the Bovine Thryoid Health I should be taking. I also have type 1 diabetes and was wondering if there is any negative interaction? Thanks, Amanda.

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It would be best for me not to comment on the possible interaction between bovine thyroid and diabetes 1...personally, I don't think there is one, unless the product contains sugar which seems unlikely, but I cannot be sure so I won't say anything more about this. Hopefully, other members will know more.

Products like the one you are taking are often said to contain unspecified (if any) amounts of thyroid hormone. What I mean is that you can never be sure how much (if any) thyroid hormone you are actually getting as supplements cannot contain standardized amounts of hormones (or they would have to be sold as POM).

Some supplements actually seem to work pretty well, so I would not say they are useless, but maybe less useful in the long run if you never know how much hormone you are actually getting...the only OTC product I know which contains more or less standardized amounts of T3 and T4 is Thyro Gold from the United States.

Could you not take bovine glandulars along with T4? That could give you some direct T3 (many of us don't convert enough T4 to T3 when on T4 only). Or possibly add prescription T3 to your T4? Or switch to NDT?

NB: I have nothing against glandulars, but they may not be enough for your long-term needs.

What make of Bovine thyroid are you taking?

Amandast in reply to PaulaV66

It’s the Nutri-Meds 130mg from the USA

Is that a Natural Dessicated thyroid med?

Amandast in reply to PaulaV66

It says Whole Dessicated Glandular Concentrate.

PaulaV66 in reply to Amandast

I've been on something very similar and it does work, try looking on the 'stop the thyroid madness website' and see if u can find a comparison.

greygoose in reply to PaulaV66

No, it isn't. It's what they call a glandular. It probably doesn't contain any hormone, or if it does, they cannot say how much on the label, or they wouldn't be able to sell it OTC. These things help some people, but not everyone, by a long chalk!

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