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Active B12 test


I have just posted a question on the PA site but just in case I do not get any replies I am asking here as well.

I am having my blood taken tomorrow for an Active B12 test to send to St. Thomas.

Does anyone know if it is better to fast for 12 hours before the test? and Do I just post the sample after the nurse has taken it or does she need to freeze it first. I have read and reread the info sheet but I am confused about the correct procedure for posting.

Thankyou browny

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Phone St Thomas' and check. Ask for the phlebotomy dept.


Thanks shaws


Hi Just rang twice and get put through but just get voice options then get cut off


That's a nuisance. I have had an Active test but went to the hospital - no fasting but I don't know about posting/freezing. I hope you get an answer soon.


How much does the test cost pls


I had one done through St. Thomas Hospital (now called Viapath) via there postal service. You have to get a referral letter from your G.P. though.

It cost £18 Plus postage to send it back. They send you the kit, you have to prick your finger and fill the small vile then send it back. Get info. on their website

Your can also get it done at Blue Horizon Medicals and you do not need a referral letter but it cost £87.15

Hope this helps browny

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