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What's best time for blood tests?

Mylast blood test was taken at 1.30 pm and showed TSH of 2.61 and FT4 of 11.4. Is there likely to be much of an increase in the TSH and decrease in the FT4 if I go early in the morning> I am so glad to have found the Thyroid UK site because I have many of the symptoms of hypo, which GP he isn't relying on my "normal" test resul.He has referred me to and Endo specialist so here is hoping!!!

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As I understand it, TSH is at it's highest during the early morning, so that would be a good time to get your test done. However, I would not expect it to be high enough to take your previous 2.61 result out of the reference range. Unless of course your thyroid function has also deteriorated significantly between the tests!

<b>Updated on Jun 21 2010 2:42PM:</b> Also, bear in mind that TSH is not static. Even in someone without a thyroid problem, it is quite usual for the numbers to fluctuate.

If you're getting tested regularly, then try to get the test done at the same time of day each time you go. And keep your own record of the results. If there is a steady increase in the TSH each time you're tested, you can point this out to your doctor as it may help him/her to see that there could be a problem.


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