Health problems revealed by tongue......

The side of my tongue is sore, so got a mirror to look and found an ulcer at the side where I bit it whilst sneezing.

But, also the edge of my tongue, on the left side has a fluted wrinkled appearance. What could this be???

Ann xx

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  • From your description, this sounds like a common sign of hypothyroidism - called piecrust or scalloped tongue. Quite simply, the tongue enlarges, and there is not enough room, so it presses on the backs of your teeth. Sometimes more on the end, or one side.

    Most often something that simply resolves with achieving adequate thyroid hormone levels.

    There are other possibilities - but on a thyroid group, that seems the most likely reason.

    Aphthous (mouth) ulcers themselves are sometimes related to low vitamin B12:


  • Thanks Rod, will get myself an appt with new GP as soon as I have had the new patient medical

    Ann xx

  • If you see an acupunturist or Chinese medicine practitioner, they will do a lot of their diagnosis by looking at your tongue.I have a look quite frequently! The scalloped tongue is definitely a sign of hypothyroidism.Aphthous ulcers can also be a sign of low adrenal reserve-i have had this in the past and was treated with corlan pellets which are a hydrocortisone treatment.Before trying that treatment though i would try a general 'sore mouth' preparation from the pharmacy.

    I know you are feeling very unwell at present and your tongue is indicative of this. Hope you can get sorted out. Jan x

  • Thanks Jan. I will see what pharmacist can suggest.

    Ann xx

  • Hi Ann,

    my tongue has a fluted and wrinkled appearance too. I remember Dr P saying it was a definite sign of hypo.

    Love Angie xx

  • Add me to the wrinkled fluted tongue club :) x x

  • My tongue seems to get in the way quite a lot when I'm eating and I frequently

    bite it, also, the edges are scalloped and the centre has a deep groove.

    I've been told by GP and hospital that thyroid is ok, I'm not convinced that all

    the symptoms I have can be put down to their current diagnosis.

  • I've the pie crust tongue too!

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