Dry Scalp Treatment?

Hi Everyone!:)

Just a quick question to those who have faced dry scalp/dandruff as a result of hypo and how they went about treating it?

Being a man, I’ve washed my hair with “generic, cheap shampoo” for as long as I can remember. Is there perhaps a shampoo or other treatment than can help with this symptom? It’s super embarrassing and only seems to be getting worse, I cannot believe the volume in which it’s produced

Thanks for the help!


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  • Read that coconut oil is very good so went bought some. It seems to be quite good and I've found it quite soothing. It does make your hair look very greasy so probably better if you stay indoors! It can be left in over night. The first time I used it, it was a very warm day and because it goes quite runny it felt like it was running down my neck!!!!!! When you come to wash it out it helps to put shampoo on your hair first and then add the water. Using. Coconut shampoo from the Heath shop at the mo. Did use baby shampoo first of all but it made my head itch so my hairdresser suggested putting a soluble aspirin into the shampoo which seemed to help as well.

  • I buy my shampoo from the health shop. I asked for a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl/laureate sulphate. The shop keeper said they did not allow that ingredient in the shop. It was my 18 year old grandaughter who told me to use it. apparently she did a project at school checking out a lot of personaL hygiene and beauty products. Only found two face creams that were safe to put on your skin! You only need a very small amount of shampoo, it feels quite different from the usual shampoo, very silky. I then use a small amount of coconut oil on the tips of my fingers after towel drying my hair. DO not use a hairdryer unless in a big hurry. Hope this helps.

  • I use Morracan Oil on my hair.....brittle last ages, treatecthexdry hair restoring shine and moisturises the scalp without leaving it greases. Known to strengthen the hair too.c

  • Could you kindly tell me which shampoo you use? - Thanks

  • Please would you tell me what2 face creams were safe please?


  • I use Eucerin DermoCapillaire shampoo because I have an unidentified skin issue at the back of my neck that spreads up into my scalp at times. It really calms down itching and dryness.

  • That's a prime location for psoriasis.

  • Skin is another condition that is rarely properly investigated, I only ever get the standard and instantaneous grunt of 'Eczema' from any GP I've ever shown it to. I also have oral lichen planus so I don't know if there's any link with that too.

  • Ditch the shampoo. Add a couple of drops of tea-tree oil to a little cider vinegar, and massage that all over your scalp. Leave it for at least an hour, and then thoroughly rinse it out with plenty of clean water, preferably ending with the water as cold as you can bear it.

  • The body shop do a ginger shampoo which I have found to be very good.

  • Oh, Ginger is brilliant! I live in France, and buy my shampoo in Auchan - do you have Auchan in England? The shampoo is Ginger and green clay, and it's great. Wouldn't use anything else, now.

    However, if you can't find that, you could give your hair/scalp a green clay mask. You can get green clay in powder form from the pharmacy. Mix some with a little water, to make a paste, then spread all over your hair. Leave for an hour and wash off. It goes very hard.

    Green clay is also great for toothache!

  • Going gluten free helped me.

    This might sound weird but just last week I read the stuff you use to disinfect your hands works for dry scalp.

    I don't know what it is called in English :( but it was finnish dermatologist recommending it.

    Edit seems to be just hand sanitizer :D

    They said that alcohol treats the infection caused by yeast and glycerol moisturises.

  • I make a shampoo soap bar which does not have any 'nasties' in it. (Not that I expect you to start making soap.) There are many shampoo bars for sale which do not contain SLS or unneeded chemicals - what us soapers call 'no poo' shampoo. This 'natural' shampoo soap can be either in a bar or in liquid form; both are made from various oils and a lye to produce saponified oils. I find that the shampoo bar soap lasts for a very long time and is easily portable and does not need to be used only for hair.

  • I'm female but I use 'One Village' Neem or Sandalwood soap. Buy online if you dont have a local shop selling it. £2.50 a bar. Its for use on body and hair. My scalp was so dry and itchy and sore for a long time. Absolute major improvement with this soap. I use it every time. Worth a try. I don't have dandruff but if I did I would take a good daily zinc supplement.

  • I have severe dry scalp and dandruff - my scalp used to get so horrible and itchy - I have tried pretty much all OTC and prescribed shampoo - nothing worked. Currently I am coping much better with the following:

    1) The Body Shop - Ginger Anti Dandruff shampoo (I use every other day - leave it for 3-5 min on scalp before washing) - this is the only shampoo that works for me !

    2) I also use Neutrogena T/Gel 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner - evry other day.

    Combination of these two have so far been extremely effective for me.

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